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The other day I was talking with one of my neighbors. He’s single, middle-aged, and never been married. He was bemoaning the fact Wyoming has more single men than women. If you’re a single man looking for a single woman, Wyoming is, statistically, one of the worst places you could live.

John Cali

My neighbor wanted a woman in his life and was seriously considering moving out of Wyoming back to his home state of California. He figured the statistics were more in his favor back there. He believed statistics ruled his life, at least in his search for a woman.

This is so contrary to everything Spirit and I have taught all these years. Statistics have nothing to do with getting what we want. Law of Attraction, however, has everything to do with getting what we want — or not getting what we want.

Here’s Spirit.


Friends, statistics have nothing to do with Law of Attraction. Unless, that is, you believe in statistics, and therefore you believe you must repeat in your own lives what others have experienced in their lives.

Let’s take a moment to look at what you call “statistics.”

Statistics are simply numbers. Statistics are one way you humans keep track of your human history. For example, xxxx many people died of cancer last year in the United States (or any other country). That’s a statistic.

What does that statistic mean? Well, it means xxxx number of people created that experience for themselves.

More importantly, what does that statistic mean for you? Nothing!

Nothing, that is, until you begin to wonder if you are “destined” to experience the same thing. That is, death by cancer.

We’ve said this so many times over the years, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing it. Nonetheless, it remains an unchanging reality:

Your experiences as human beings are never determined by outside forces such as statistics, by what other humans are creating in their lives.

Even if you are the one single person, out of the planet’s entire population, choosing a different course, your choice will become your reality.

To take an extreme example, if all other humans on Planet Earth chose to die of cancer and were dropping like flies all around you, you still have complete freedom and power to go on living a healthy, joyful, abundant life.

Statistics don’t mean a damned thing. As we said earlier, statistics are only numerical representations of other people’s choices. They have nothing to do with you. Unless, of course, you believe what’s happened to them must inevitably happen to you.

Either way, friends, you are using Law of Attraction to create your realities. What you focus on is what you get.

So do you want to focus on statistics? Or do you want to focus on what you want?

It’s pretty simple. Statistics don’t determine or rule your lives. You do!

Focus on what you want and Law of Attraction will guarantee you get what you want. And not what statistics say others have gotten.

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