Struggle and Resistance: Afterthoughts by John Cali

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John Cali

You sent us many questions and concerns in response to the last week’s newsletter and the previous week’s newsletter. As a result, Spirit has offered some brief afterthoughts. If you haven’t seen them, you may want to read them before you read this article.

Here’s Spirit.


The key to this struggle and resistance issue so many of you have is simple. The key is you.

Your higher self never intended for you to struggle in this lifetime. That applies even to those of you who, at your higher self or soul level, chose to incarnate into difficult circumstances. For example, poverty, war, dysfunctional families, and so on.

There was a challenge and an opportunity, your soul thought, in these circumstances for this particular lifetime.

And then your soul continued somewhat along these lines: “And I shall go forth joyfully and seize the opportunity. And meet the challenge. And I will do it with ease and effortlessness. And, most of all, with joy.”

So, when you find yourself in struggle or resistance, simply stop. And ask yourself, “Why am I here?”

If you’re truthful and honest with yourself, the answer will be, “Well, I’m disconnected from my higher self–that’s why I’m here. And so I’m going to do whatever it takes to get reconnected.”

Do you see what we’re getting at? Whatever you believe works for you. And connects you to the higher vibrations of the Universe and your higher self.

And so when you offer that vibration of hard work, struggle, resistance, etc., the Universe will answer that vibration and bring you what you want through your hard work, struggle, resistance, etc. Because that’s what you believe.

But if you believe manifesting what you want can be easy and effortless, and if you believe you can have what you want without hard work, struggle, and resistance, then the Universe will answer that vibration too.

So it’s much easier to simply ask for what you want, and then let go. Just allow what you want to flow to you.

It can be just that easy, just that simple.

But if you don’t believe us, you’re free to go the other way.

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