Technology and The Tsunami by John Cali

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John Cali

During the aftermath of the recent tsunami I saw several news reports about wild animals and native peoples moving to higher ground well before the storms hit. They survived the chaos unharmed.

I thought it might be interesting to get Spirit’s perspective on that.


Your modern technology has brought you many advantages and benefits. But it has also brought you one huge disadvantage: it has lessened your reliance on your own inner guidance.

Your inner guidance, when you listen to it, is far, far more accurate and reliable than any of your modern technology.

Your technology is certainly a quantum leap for humanity. But it will never ever replace your inner guidance system. It cannot.

Computers, as marvelous and magical as they seem, are limited. But you, friends, are unlimited. For you, unlike your computers, have a direct link to the energy that creates all that is.

Or, if you prefer to say it differently, you have a direct line to God. Computers do not.

Which brings us to our point today.

Your inner guidance is always accurate, is always leading you on precisely the best path for you to follow at this time of your life.

The example of the “wild” animals’ and native people’s escape from the hellish havoc of the tsunami storms ought to make you sit up straight and take notice.

These beings, animal and human, obviously have no computers, no modern technology, telling them what to do, how to live. And they are not enjoying your level of “sophistication.” But they do have one tool many humans have also, but have forgotten how to use.

That tool is their inner guidance, that higher part of themselves dwelling in the higher vibrations of the universe.

And it never leads them astray. Their inner guidance prompted them to flee to higher ground before the storms struck, and they survived. Many humans didn’t have a clue what was coming, and they did not survive.

Having said that, however, we acknowledge those humans who passed on during that time were fulfilling their higher soul purpose. They are in no way failures.

But that is not the point.

The point is those animals and people who survived were used to listening to their inner guidance. That guidance which is always there for all of you.

Friends, it’s time for you to start paying attention to your inner guidance, your higher self. Especially in this world you live in today.

If you take action on an issue you’re confronting and do not feel good about that action, that’s a clear message from your higher self saying that action is not for your highest good. When you align your energy with the action, and it feels good, that’s the time to move forward.

And that really is the key here — how you feel.

If you pay attention to how you’re feeling, you will always know what to do and what not to do. And if you had been in the path of the tsunami and were tuned into yourself, into your feelings, you would have known instantly it was time to flee.

You may not have had any conscious knowledge of what was coming. But you would have taken action simply because you were tuned into yourself, and were following the guidance you were given.

You often hear it said life is not easy. Well, it is easy if you know who you are and if you follow the inner promptings of your higher self.

Life is supposed to be easy and fun and joyful! That is your birthright. That is your natural state.

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