That Small Quiet Voice Within by John Cali

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John Cali

It’s a chilly, grey overcast day in northwestern Wyoming as I sit here writing this.

A bit earlier today I went to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Then I ran over to the post office to pick up my mail. I jog almost every day, so after the post office I started driving up to the lakes in the foothills above my town–the place I usually jog.

I had a vague, uneasy feeling the whole time I was out driving around today. My feeling matched the day’s dreary, moody energy. As I started up into the foothills, that feeling became even more intense. It was definitely telling me to stay away from the lakes.

I wondered, “Why?” It didn’t make any sense. After all, I wanted to go jogging–I do it every day, and it brings me great pleasure. Was there some unseen danger up there for me today? It baffled me.

But I followed my gut feelings and turned around to drive back home. About halfway home, I spotted a fiercely blazing grass fire just a few feet from an old warehouse. Next to the warehouse was one of those unattended self-service gas stations. What a perfect prescription for disaster, I thought.

There was no one around except me since this is a sparsely populated area outside of town. So I raced home and called the local emergency number. As dry as it had been here all summer, that fire could have turned into a real inferno. Or, with a gas station right next door, worse.

How often do we listen to that small quiet voice within? Especially when it’s not making any sense to our rational minds?

In my case, I’d ignored that voice many years. But at this late season of my life I’ve learned to listen to my inner guidance. After all, Spirit is constantly reminding me (and others) we cannot go astray if we but only listen to that small quiet voice within.

Here’s Spirit.


You have been taught, virtually from infancy, to “be reasonable”–to trust your rational minds, to put your confidence in human logic. Certainly, your rational minds, your human logic have important roles to play in your lives on the earth plane.

The problem comes in when you elevate your rational minds, your human logic to that pedestal of absolute supremacy over all other considerations.

How often have others told you, especially if you were following your inner guidance and considering doing something “out of the ordinary,” if you will, “You need to face reality!”?

Where has “facing reality” ever gotten any of you, individually or as a race? Where have your rational minds, your human logic gotten you to? Is there more peace on earth (as most of you say you want)? Is there abundance for all? Or even most? Or are there still wars, poverty, starvation, disease–all those things your rational minds and your human logic should, presumably, help to eradicate?

We are neither condemning nor criticizing you or the current state of human affairs. You yourselves do a more than adequate job of that! And we will not walk that path with you.

But we do urge you to think about this: Since the world is in the state it’s in, and since you don’t like the state it’s in, and since you want to do something positive about it, would it not behoove you to do something different? Especially since what you’ve been doing for centuries has not gotten you to where you want to be?

So we offer you our, admittedly rather radical, prescription for change. We would suggest you–each of you individually–perform a little experiment. Which is this: Take one day of your life and promise yourself, for that one day, you will totally disregard logic and the promptings of your logical minds.

Instead, for that one day, you will pay close attention to what you are feeling. And let your feelings guide you for that one day. Let your gut guide you for that one day.

Then evaluate the results. We think you will be amazed–at least if you make it through that one day without wavering from your promise to yourselves.

The point of all this is simple. Your feelings, your intuition, your gut responses–whatever you want to call the inner guidance you all receive constantly from your higher selves, your souls–these are your truest guides to always, always, doing what is right.

That is, what is right for you in the moment, what is appropriate and perfect for that present moment.

You are but one individual and we acknowledge that. But we also acknowledge something most of you do not–each of you, acting alone and totally apart from your fellow beings, are incredibly powerful.

Every thought you think, every deed you do, reverberates throughout the entire Universe. And you–you standing alone–deeply affect every other being, every other part of the Universe.

And you do this simply by the power of your thought. Simply by trusting your own inner guidance and allowing it, and it only, to dictate the course of your lives.

It you take nothing else away from today’s discussion, take this: Your own inner guidance is, for you, the highest and best authority in the entire Universe. Trust it! Always!

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