The Dark Side by John Cali

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John Cali

Some years ago I had a friend Ann (not her real name) who was always talking about her “dark side.” And about the dark side which, she insisted, all humans had.

Clearly I remember that bright shining summer day Ann and I visited an old friend of hers in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Sam (not his real name) was a wonderfully warm and caring man. And he was excited about some big changes happening in his life. Including the fact he’d found his SoulMate.

As Sam was sharing with us, his enthusiasm and zest for life were bubbling over. It was contagious, and I felt myself being carried into the high energy and excitement Sam was feeling. Life was good, Sam said, and he was loving it.

Then Ann, the perennial doomsayer, interjected, “But what about your dark side? What about her dark side?”

Sam’s simple reply was “What dark side? I don’t have one.”

And therein lies a story and an opening for Spirit.


There’s a popular myth floating around on your planet today. It goes like this: All humans have a dark side to them, evil lurking beneath the veneer of goodness that most humans project.

And so the myth goes on: The reason you are all tainted by your dark, evil natures is because of your programming from the past. The past of this life and the past of other lives. That dooms you to live in the endless darkness and to repeat the pain of the past.

And yet that “does not compute.” By that we mean this: If you are eternal beings of light, how is it you can have this malignant entity–your dark side–lurking just beneath the surface of your awareness–waiting to pounce upon you and destroy forever any chance of happiness you might have had.

For many people, this purging of their so-called dark side is a never-ending, lifelong process. What a miserable way to move through your years!

And it’s especially miserable if you acknowledge that your soul’s intent, upon your incarnation, was to have a joyful life–to have fun. Challenges and opportunities for growth, your soul knew, there would certainly be plenty of. But it’s all supposed to be fun and joyful.

You do not have a dark side. Period!

There is nothing dark or evil about any aspect of this being you know as you. Oh, we realize you have been taught you were born tainted, as it were. You were born, as some of your religious traditions teach, with “original sin.”

All of that is utter nonsense!

You were born pure. You were born of the light. You were born good. And nothing can ever change that.

Your societal programming can certainly exert a huge negative influence upon you. And convince you that you are indeed more dark than light, more evil than good. But that also is utter nonsense.

You are goddesses and gods, all of you, in human form. Let no one convince you otherwise. For it is truth.

The only darkness that exists in your life or in your being is in those areas where you refuse to let in the light.

All you are is light. So let your light shine. And it will dispel all illusions of darkness.

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