The Fun of It All by John Cali

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Two weeks ago we wrote an article titled Through the Eyes of Fear. This week, we’re taking on a more lighthearted topic, as you probably guessed from our title. Instead of talking about fear, we’re going to talk about fun. Sound interesting to you?

John Cali

In this newsletter, I’ve talked before about the Roman Catholic Church I grew up in. I have many happy childhood memories of my large, loving Italian immigrant family. But the Catholic Church does not hold so many happy memories for me.

Religion for us was a rather grim, joyless affair. An endless list of heavy obligations and responsibilities. There was much talk about sin and its consequences, i.e. punishment by eternal hellfire.

God was this stern old man who watched over our every move, every thought. And woe betide us if we screwed up! Yet we were also taught God loved us.

On the one hand, here was this stern, forbidding God scrutinizing and judging every aspect of our lives. On the other hand, God was a caring father who loved us dearly. Even as a little kid, I had figured out that simply didn’t make sense.

There was no fun and little joy. “Is this what religion is all about?” I asked myself.

Even today much of the religious environment I observe is like my childhood religion — no fun, and little joy. Even in the areas of alternative spirituality, I see people grim-faced and joyless.

Is that what spirituality is all about? Is that what life is all about? Where’s the fun of it all?

Here’s Spirit.


You’ve heard us say this before, many times: Life is supposed to be fun! That includes all aspects of your life, especially what you consider the spiritual aspects. (Of course, it’s all spiritual.)

More crimes and murders have been committed in the name of God than for any other “cause.” The most horrible acts of inhumanity against other humans have been done in God’s name.

Do any of you really think God, whatever you perceive him or her to be, would condone what humanity has done in God’s name?

In one word, NO!

If there’s one thing God loves most about humans, it’s their ability to laugh, to be joyful, to have fun. None of this stuff you call life is that serious. You did not come to this lifetime to suffer through a sad life and endure a sad death.

You came here to have fun! You came here to be joyful. You came here to love and laugh and play. Anything less than that is not what God wants for you. Anything less than that is not what your higher selves want for you.

As we and others have said many times, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”

If you could make that your “code of ethics,” your code of behavior, you would find your lives becoming more and more abundant. You would find yourselves empowered to move more quickly toward the life of your dreams. You would find others being drawn to you, wondering how it is you do what you do.

You will be filled to overflowing with a deep sense of purpose, of joy, of remembering why you came here.

Anything, anyone in your lives that does not feel good to you, or does not bring you joy and passion, does not belong in your lives.

It’s really very simple. Your success is measured by one thing and one thing only. It’s not measured by the amount of money, friends, possessions you have. It’s measured only by the amount of joy you feel. Seek joy first, then all the rest of what you want will flow to you easily and effortlessly.

Joy is what it’s all about. Have fun and don’t worry about the rest. The rest will take care of itself.

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