The Green Grass of Home by John Cali

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I don’t have a “green thumb” — I’ve never succeeded at growing much except weeds. Years ago, the large lawn around our home in Virginia was a powerful testament to my lack of gardening talent. If it hadn’t been for my wife, the place would have looked like a desert.

John Cali

We have a pretty short growing season out here in northwestern Wyoming, and the landscape is green only for maybe the first six or eight weeks of summer. And then it starts to dry up again. So the folks here really enjoy their green lawns for the short time they have them.

One of my neighbors has been trying to grow grass in his front yard for a couple of years now. He’s from California originally and loves having lots of green grass around his home, even if only for a month or two.

Anyway, I’ve been watching him plow and re-plow the ground in his front yard. Then he plants the grass seed, and waters it faithfully. He’s been doing this two years now, and has yet to succeed in growing more than a few scraggly blades of grass. Unlike me, he doesn’t lack gardening talent. He’s successfully grown trees, flowers, bushes, vegetables, etc. But not grass.

The reason? He continues to park his two big four-wheel-drive vehicles on his lawn, in the area where he’s trying to grow grass. I’ve talked to him about it, and he doesn’t seem to get the connection.

I know how crazy this sounds, but I am not making it up! This is an otherwise intelligent, capable young man who works as a school teacher.

Here’s Spirit.


How often over the years of talking with many folks have we heard, again and again, this question: Why can’t I manifest what I want?

In fact, we would say that question is the most-asked one we get. And John’s story about his neighbor is a perfect illustration of why so many humans do not get what they want in life.

Now, failing at growing grass is a pretty minor problem compared to the other issues most of you are concerned about — abundance, health, relationships, careers, etc. But John’s young neighbor, in his grass-growing efforts, typifies the way many humans go about their lives.

Most of you reading this are on a conscious, deliberate spiritual path. You are not novices at all this spiritual stuff. You’re awake and aware. You know how the Universe works. You know you have the power within you to create the life of your dreams. You have the wisdom and the courage it takes.

But then if you do not get what you want, you wonder why.

The usual reason is you sabotage yourselves. You spend all the time and energy it takes to get clear on what you want to create in your lives. You pray, meditate, visualize, ask for what you want. And then, instead of letting go and letting God take over, you sabotage yourselves and your dreams with your doubts and fears.

So now you’re creating two sets of conflicting vibrations. Usually that just creates a standoff — and nothing happens except more of the same old stuff.

Friends, creating is an extremely simple, three-step process.

First, you ask. Any time you have a desire, you have asked the Universe to grant your wishes. You don’t even have to do it verbally or in writing. You just have to have the desire.

The Universe then responds instantly. The manifestation is instantly on its way to you. That’s step number two. The Universe is arranging all the details, aligning all the energies needed to create for you all you’ve asked for.

Step number three is the toughest one for many of you. You need to just get out of the way — as we said a moment ago, let go and let God. Let the Law of Attraction do its work.

Instead, you often start wondering why your desire is taking so long to manifest. You keep noticing it’s not there yet. You wonder if you deserve it. You wonder if God is ignoring you. And so on and on.

There you have the standoff. You will never grow grass if you keep parking your vehicle on the newly-sown seed.

The grass will grow of its own accord if you simply stay out of the way. And so too will your desires manifest if you simply stay out of the way.

Life really is simple, friends. So don’t make it hard. Most of all, have fun with it. It’ssupposed to be fun! It ain’t serious!


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