The Journey and the Joy by John Cali

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John Cali

We get lots of requests for personal readings with Spirit. And we get lots of email from folks all over the planet asking many, often poignant, questions.

Spirit and I have been doing this work over 11 years now. So, in that fairly long time period, you’d expect certain patterns to emerge in the questions. And they have.

The questions usually fall into four specific areas: abundance (especially money), work and career, physical body and health, and relationships (especially romantic and sexual relationships).

But there’s a common thread running through all those questions. Briefly, it’s “What is my life’s purpose? Why am I here? And how can I ever find joy in a joyless world?”

Here’s Spirit.


Be joyful where you are. Be joyful where you’re going. And, most especially, be joyful on the journey between here and there.

It’s ALL a journey between here and there! Your entire life is a journey.

The journey will never end–and you will always be on the journey, whether you’re in physical or non-physical form. You will never be done with your journey. There are no deadlines, no destinations–there is only the journey.

And you, at your soul level, intended this journey, this never-ending, eternal journey, in this lifetime, in this body, to be a joyful journey–a truly JOY-filled journey. An exciting party where all you have to do is play, explore your passions, bask in the sun of those passions, feel good–just simply FEEL GOOD!

That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about suffering or struggle. It’s not about pain or powerlessness. It’s about this never-ending, eternal journey of joy you’re all on.

You cannot get it wrong–you cannot make any mistakes. Whatever you do is OKAY! Do you hear that? It’s ALL OKAY!

It’s all good.

Be at peace. Remember who you are. When you are filled to overflowing with joy, that’s when you’re remembering who you truly are.

And it is at that moment you are once again at one with your soul. It is at that moment you have remembered your purpose in this lifetime.

And that purpose is NOT to DO anything at all. That purpose is to BE who you are–to BE JOY!

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