The Many Voices of God by John Cali

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One evening not long ago, I was confronting a personal issue that was creating some inner turmoil and sadness for me. The details don’t matter. But the way Spirit responded to me does matter.

John Cali

Late that evening, just before sunset, I went out to the little wooden deck behind my house. I could see the mountains all around. Some of the higher peaks were still covered with the snowfall of several days earlier. The sky was grey and overcast, and it matched my dark mood.

Spirit “popped in,” as he often does when I need him and his wise counsel. I don’t even have to ask — he’s just always there for me.

So we talked for a few minutes. In those few minutes, I began to understand the reason for my sadness. With that understanding, the darkness lifted from me. The sadness was still there, but now it was okay. Spirit said that too would pass. (And it has now as I write this.)

At the very moment Spirit told me that, a small white feather appeared out of nowhere. It drifted gently and slowly in the soft, velvet twilight, from my left to my right. Then it literally vanished into thin air. It was there — and then it was gone.

Feathers have always been special omens for me, always signaling good news. I knew Spirit — God — was once again speaking to me, through Spirit and through the little feather.

God speaks to us all in wondrous ways. Always, and in all ways.

Here’s Spirit.


Many of you think God is silent in your lives. You yearn for his/her voice and yet you often hear nothing — only the sounds of silence.

But that silence is an illusion — it is your own limited perception. It is not a fact. It is not a reality.

How often have you been talking with someone, only to realize you haven’t heard a word they’ve said? Or perhaps they haven’t heard a word you’ve said.

For many of you, it’s like that all or most of the time when God is talking to you. God always talks to all of you, and in all ways. But many of you have been taught God does not talk directly to humans. Except under special circumstances, and then only to special people.

Well, friends, all circumstances and all people are special. You are special. The circumstances of your life are special. And God is always there for you. You don’t hear the voice of God because you are not listening. You don’t believe God can and does talk to you, each of you individually.

And so all you hear is silence.

Today we want our words here to open your minds, if only just a little, to the wonder and beauty you are. We want you to feel loved. We want you to feel worthy. We want you to see yourselves with the great love we feel toward you. With the great love God feels toward you.

Your world will change in ways that will amaze you when you begin to see yourselves as we see you.

When that begins to happen, you will start to see signs. When you ask questions, the answers will come. When you have problems, the solutions will flow. When you are sad or confused, comfort and clarity will be yours. When you are happy, more happiness will come to you.

But you have to be open to all this. What you are seeking — an answer to a problem, comfort in the midst of sadness, clarity when you are confused or doubtful — can come to you in so many ways.

As with John, it can be a simple loving conversation with your spirit guide or higher self. Or something as simple as a feather.

What you are seeking can come to you from a chance conversation with a friend, from a book, a movie, a pet, a sunset, and so much more. You can find your answers in any or all of these. God speaks to you, is speaking to you right now as you read these words.

God has many voices. And s/he is speaking to you personally, individually. Whenever and whatever you ask, God answers. Always and in all ways.

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