The Power of Joy by John Cali

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John Cali

Those of you who’ve been with us a while know how Spirit loves to go on and on about joy. Perhaps, given the way he uses the word and concept, the “j” ought to be capitalized.

On my own personal journey over the years Spirit has always urged me to look for the Joy in all circumstances, in every experience, in every relationship, in every place.

In the beginning that was a daunting assignment. But with his gentle, yet stern (stern in the way of a loving father) manner, I endured. And gradually I became good at it.

The result? Today I am happier, healthier, more abundant, more Joy-filled than ever before in this lifetime. Today I firmly believe Joy is our sole purpose in life, as Spirit has said over and over again. So, for me, it’s finally sunk in!

If your life is less than Joy-filled I trust Spirit’s words here today will give you pause. And perhaps stir you to a deeper desire and determination to seek only Joy in your life.

Here’s Spirit.


The subject of Joy often stirs within you such deep and mixed emotions. After all, most, if not all, of you really do want Joy in your lives. That was your souls’ intent before you incarnated. Though you probably have no conscious recall of that, the stirring within you is unmistakable. Would you not agree?

But then you look at the world around you, the people around you. Do you see much Joy? Probably not. Lives of quiet desperation perhaps, but not a lot of Joy. Especially if you pay more than scant notice to your mainstream news media. Not much Joy there, that’s certain!

And so here you are, caught, it seems, between what you’d describe as a rock and a hard place. A dilemma, to be sure. You want Joy in your lives. But where do you find it? Certainly not “out there” in your modern world.

You will, however, find it in the opposite direction — not “out there,” but “in here.” Within yourselves. We are not advocating you withdraw from the world and become hermits. We are asking you to consider this: true Joy can only come from within you. Then you can take your inner Joy and radiate it out to the world around you, a world sorely in need of more Joy.

So let us start at the proper starting place — within each of you, within your hearts, within the deepest recesses of your being.

Whenever you are feeling any positive emotion — happiness, appreciation, gratitude, excitement, heightened interest, enthusiasm, exhilaration — anything ranging from quiet peace to powerful passionate desire — then you are tapping into the deep well of Joy within you.

And when you tap into that well, you are literally touching the hand of God, if you will. For in your Joy, you consciously connect to your higher self, your soul. You connect to the Universe, to all that is. You tap into the incredibly powerful energies that create all that is.

In that place of conscious connection you are all-powerful. Your feeling of Joy connects you with universal power. And from your Joy-filled place of power you can create whatever you want. It is that simple.

And so how do you go about creating Joy in your life, in a practical, day-to-day manner? Especially amidst all the distractions and attractions of your modern world?

Well, start looking for Joy everywhere. And when you find it, appreciate it, give thanks for it. And more of it will come to you. It must, by the Universe’s Law of Attraction.

However, finding Joy in your modern world can seem a daunting task, can it not? But it needn’t be daunting nor difficult.

First of all, realize the modern world you see reflected in your mainstream news media is simply a reflection of someone’s thoughts — or rather, of many “someones’” thoughts. If a large part of humanity is focusing on problems of all sorts — war, famine, poverty, murder, rape, disease, you name it — then that is what they will be creating in their own experience.

And when you have most of the planet’s population doing that, guess what happens? That becomes the mass consciousness. And the mass consciousness is what is mostly reported in your mainstream news media.

There are several important points we wish to make here.

First, simply because a certain experience, say the condition you call cancer, is prevalent in the lives of so many does not mean it has to prevail in your life. It need not be a part of your experience. In fact, it can become a part of your experience only if it is your primary focus.

In other words, if you give more of your time, energy, and thought to cancer than to health, you’re increasing the probability of experiencing what you don’t want — in this case, cancer.

So the first step, we would say, in creating the experiences you want in your life, is to abstain from the steady diet of “bad” news your media feed you. We are not saying to totally ignore what’s happening in your world today. We are saying, however, to not pay it so much attention.

It would be well for you to focus on the “good” news out there. There’s plenty of it. But you just don’t read about it in your newspapers or see it on your television screens. And on the rare occasion when you do, it’s often drowned in the flood of bad news accompanying it.

What’s the last piece of good news you remember from your mainstream media? You may have to think about that one. But you probably don’t have to think long or hard to recall the last piece of bad news.

The second step is to start looking for the Joy waiting for you to discover it. Seek the Joy in every experience! It is there, in every experience. But you will not find it if you do not look for it. Or if you do not expect it.

There are many, many places and ways for you to seek and find Joy. Even in your world today which seems hell-bent in its focus on war and other global catastrophes.

Learn to appreciate even the little things you may take for granted. For example, a beautiful sunset, a stranger’s smile, a baby’s laughter, a lover’s kiss — you get the idea.

Look for things in your life to appreciate, always. Even in the most challenging circumstances you can always find something to appreciate. And when you do that, the Universe will bring you more and more of what you appreciate.

Then before you know it, you’ll be inundated with things to appreciate. You’ll be wallowing in Joy. The rest of the world may be immersed in its own self-created hell. But that will not be your experience.

You truly do create your own realities. And there’s no reason you cannot create Joy-filled realities. It’s all a matter of focus. What you do not focus on cannot touch you. It literally cannot touch you, it cannot be your experience.

It’s also all a matter of vibration. If your vibration is high and Joy-filled, that will be your experience. It cannot be otherwise.

That is the true power of Joy. When you are so focused on doing only what feels good to you, only good can come to you — and all you can give to others is good.

Seek Joy, always. And in all ways.

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