The Power Within by John Cali

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John Cali

Trusting the power within ourselves is often a lifelong challenge for many of us. It took me many years to even begin trusting my inner guidance. Now I trust it completely, and have never looked back.

But our modern world does not support us in developing that trust. Instead, it would have us trust and follow any guidance except our own. In our world’s view, most or all our power is outside ourselves. But just the opposite is true — all our power is within us.

The other day I was talking with Spirit about this. The following is part of that conversation.


All the power in the Universe is within you. You have the power to create whatever state of being, of feeling, you want.

Now, in today’s global culture, you find yourselves often distracted by the dramas and disasters in the world around you. You see these reported in your news media every day.

And so many of you look for a way to escape that suffocating energy. Or to at least make your life more bearable, even if that means numbing your senses. You often turn to diversions you think will make you feel better — drugs, alcohol, sex, even mainstream religion, or beliefs not so mainstream.

Often these “diversions” do make you feel better, if only because they take your attention from the dramas and disasters, at least for a little while.

But that relief is only temporary. And yet any light is better than the darkness. Even if that light seemingly comes through something or someone outside yourself.

What is really happening here, friends, is that outside influence, whatever it or he or she may be, is really evoking the light, the power within you.

Whatever good feelings you have — bliss, ecstasy, joy, peace, contentment, etc. — these have their source within you. All power is within you.

We are not judging those who use outside means to evoke their own inner powers. But we are saying you do not need those outside means. You have all you need within you.

If you were fully living that power within you, you would notice no improvement in the way you feel when you used drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever. Because you are already at that high vibration of being fully connected to the power within. Nothing can take you higher.

It is natural for you to feel good, to be joyful, to be abundant — to thrive mightily in every area of your life. It is natural and it is your birthright.

All you have to do is remember and reclaim your power. And you don’t have to look very far. All your power is there — here — within you.

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