The Sounds of Morning Thunder by John Cali

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John Cali

I’ve had an incredibly busy and sometimes challenging past two weeks. So this week I’m doing something I almost never do any longer.

I’ve reviewed an old newsletter I wrote many years ago, when Spirit and I were first starting to “go public.” But I think it’s still timely, especially following on the heels of last week’s newsletter, All Is Well.

Spirit will be back with us next week.

The Sounds of Morning Thunder
John Cali

It’s early morning as I sit here writing this. And there are sounds of thunder rumbling through the darkening morning skies. That’s unusual around here — thunderstorms almost always come in the afternoon.

The sounds of morning thunder remind me our lives, and our planet itself, are rapidly changing. Things are not the same any longer. We cannot rely on the past as an accurate guide to the present or the future. We can only live in the moment — the Eternal Now. That’s all we have.

And if we feel confused and lost amidst all the changes and turmoil around us, we have one place we can always go for good counsel — the god, the goddess within. I’ve been rather forcefully reminded of this by recent events in my life. My higher self, in its infinite wisdom, has lately presented me with some interesting challenges and changes. All changes, if we let them, can work for our highest good.

I’d like to share with you a couple of recent personal and deeply spiritual experiences. They clearly remind me (and I sometimes need frequent reminding) god/goddess is within me.

One night recently, I was having some serious doubts about the value of my channeling work. Several incidents the past week had triggered these doubts. So I turned my doubts over to my higher self. That night, I had the following dream.

I was climbing a high snow-covered mountain trail in Wyoming. The snow was several feet deep, but I had no trouble moving through it. I climbed higher and higher until I was near the summit. Twilight was settling over the mountains. I heard a noise behind me. I turned and saw three large four-wheel-drive vehicles approaching. All were white and filled with people. I stepped off the trail to let them pass. Then I continued on.

Soon I came to a large log cabin near the summit. All the people who had passed me were there, and they were having a party. I apologized for blundering into what I thought was private property. One of them said to me, “No, it’s alright — this place belongs to everyone. You’re welcome to join us.”

So I did join them. Everyone there welcomed me warmly, as if we were long-lost friends. I felt overwhelmed by their warmth, love, and concern for me. A group of “strangers” had been instantly transformed into my loving family.

After I awoke, I asked Spirit what the dream meant. He asked me to remember how deeply loved and cared for I felt amidst that group of “strangers.” I felt all the deep emotion once again.

“That,” Spirit said, “is what you do for others in your channeling work and in your life. That is what we together do for them. If for no other reason, that alone would make your work infinitely valuable.”

In a second dream, the meaning of the dream came to me while I was still dreaming. It also was a powerful and deeply emotional experience.

In the dream, I was standing next to a naked man with thick dark hair. I suddenly realized the man I was watching was me. It seemed odd to be watching myself — I was the observer and the observed at the same time.

Then, for a moment or two, I (the observer) felt as if I was moving away from my other self. Then I felt we were two different beings, even though I knew both were me. At that instant, I suddenly knew the observer was my higher self and the observed was my human self.

And then I (the observer) felt an incredibly powerful and overwhelming surge of emotion like I’d rarely known before. It was feeling of deep love and compassion. Then I (I’m not sure which “I”) knew what I was “dreaming” was real. I, my human self, was so deeply loved and cared for by my higher self.

I knew, never again, would I need to feel alone. I would never again need to be concerned, worried, afraid. I (my human self) was being looked after by this wondrous being of light — my higher self.

As I thought about all this later, I realized how incredibly powerful, loving, compassionate, and wise I, as my higher self, was. The depth of the feeling of love, tenderness, affection, and compassion my higher self felt in the dream toward my human self I could relate only to the deep feelings I have toward my son, my only child.

My lesson here was to remember all we need to do is turn over our human challenges to the god/goddess within — and then totally surrender and trust. We are loved, we are cared for, we are safe — eternally.

As Spirit says, we are all part of God — we are God. Our life’s purpose is to use our divine powers to reconnect with the god/goddess within. In doing that, we empower ourselves to then help our sisters and brothers do the same.

I hope, in some small way, what I’ve shared with you here today has helped you remember the divine being of light and love you truly are.

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