The Sun: Life-Giver or Killer? by John Cali

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John Cali

A subscriber recently sent us some questions about aging, in response to our April 24 newsletter article, How Old Are You? Here is her letter:

“I’m wondering something in response to the message about accepting or rather, not accepting, the labels that society likes to put on people, namely aging. I totally agree with you about this.

“I’m constantly asked if my daughter and I are sisters. She’s 18 and I’m 43. I love watching people’s mouths drop open when they find out that I’m a single mother of four with my oldest being 21. God has blessed me with youth and beauty and that’s just the way I like it. I like to think I’m ‘youthing,’ not aging.

“My question, that I’ve pondered for many years is, has ‘society’ labeled the sun as damaging and bad for us? I believe that we get ‘divine information’ from the sun. I feel the sun is a great thing. I know how much happier I am when it’s sunny as opposed to cloudy.

“I’ve also read that the incidence of skin cancer has actually gone up since the popularity of sunblocks and sunscreens and that skin cancer is actually highest among office workers. Light, Medicine of the Future by Jacob Lieberman . . . is a book written to expose the healthful benefits of the sun and the myth of its dangers.

“I live in Phoenix, which has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. I’m not quite sure what to believe about the sun and damage.

“So I’d like to know what Spirit has to say about our ‘all-conscious sun.’

“Thank you . . . .”

Here’s Spirit.


You have become a society of extremes. In your modern world many, if not most, of you work inside your human-made buildings. You’re living almost like moles, with artificial light your primary illumination. You spend most of your waking hours in this artificial light.

And then when you are freed, temporarily or permanently, from your sunless environments, you become “sun worshipers.” And you carry that also to extremes.

There is little true balance in your lives, at least in regard to the natural cycles of light and darkness. And they are natural cycles. But most of you immerse yourselves in an unbalanced way in light (whether artificial or natural), then darkness, then light, then . . . and on and on.

The sun is not your enemy. Nor are your bodies which often become “sun-burned.” The sun is the source of life, physical life at least, for your planet. And hence, it is also the source of physical life for your bodies. To your planet the sun is the rough equivalent of what your soul is to you.

The sun cannot harm you or kill you, although your society would have you believe otherwise. And most of you accept your society’s pronouncements on this, and usually without question. So there is a strong stream of resistance set up in you.

You are drawn naturally to the light, to the sun. And yet you believe the sun is not good for you. Or at least for your physical bodies. And so that resistance, that disharmony creates imbalances in your physical bodies. Those imbalances manifest in myriad ways, skin cancer for one.

Yet it is not the sun which causes the skin cancer. It is your belief in the power of the sun to debilitate and sicken you. Instead of seeing the sun as the life-giving, healing power that it is, you see it as a necessary evil.

So the sun has become, in your human eyes, your life-giver and your killer. Do you see the contradiction? It cannot be both. So most of you choose to make it your killer.

But the true killer is not the sun. It is your belief in dis-ease.

The sun can help you heal yourselves if you will see it for what it truly is–the giver of life.

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