The Tennis Racket Technique by John Cali

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A dear friend sent me a beautiful and intriguing response to last week’s newsletter, “Perfect Partners and Soul Mates.”

I’ve started calling her letter “The Tennis Racket Technique.” For her, it’s obviously become a great way to clear out “past baggage” from her life. Maybe it will do the same for you.

John Cali

Here’s her letter:

“This week’s message from CJ, et al, took this long for me to mull it over and become one with it. And I think it’s because during my formative years the responses to my feeling great about myself were always negative, i.e., ‘Don’t get a big head.’ Or ‘You’ll be sorry.’ Or ‘Sing before you eat, you’ll cry before you sleep.’ And on and on it went.

“In the last several years, however, I chose to erase or cancel those admonitions anytime they came floating out of my subconscious. Yet reading this week’s message somehow evoked the last vestiges of that negativity and I developed a fun mental game.

“Anytime one of those nasties came to my mind, my right hand was holding a huge tennis racket and I hit those remarks into the space/time ether and watched them shatter into a billion stars! I even added a learning exercise by taking the racket into my left hand and squarely hitting them off, training my left to do what my right already could do.

“It was a wonderful mental/spiritual experience. And it may sound totally off the wall, but I wanted to share what the message did for me, to me, and through me!”

Now here’s Spirit.


This delightful technique our dear friend has developed is anything but “off the wall,” as she put it. In fact, we will say it’s a most powerful way for all of you to rid yourselves of anything from your past you believe is holding you back.

The past really has no power over you — none whatsoever! Just as no other person has any power over you. Except what you give him or her.

The past can shackle or disempower you only if you continue to remember it.

All your power — absolutely all of it — is in this present moment, and only in this present moment.

So if you are thinking about the past (feeling bad or guilty) or speculating about the future (feeling worried or apprehensive), you are still doing it now. When you give your power away, you are doing it in this present moment.

You can reclaim your power by being fully in the moment. Take whatever “baggage” you have from the past into your present moment. Form the clear intent to rid yourself of it forever.

Then, as our friend did, take that tennis racket and blast those thoughts into a billion stars. Let go!

You don’t have to use a tennis racket. You can use whatever tool feels right for you.

The key here is your intent. Intend to let go of anything, everything holding you back from the life of your dreams. After all, it’s holding you back only because you let it. Not because it’s being imposed upon you by some outside force.

Friends, life is an inside job. You create it all, from within. And you can change it all in a split second. But only from within. Do not expect someone else to do it for you.

Once you knowreally know — that, you will have regained all the power you incarnated with.

All is well.

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