The Value of Not Getting What You Think You Want by John Cali

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John Cali

The past several weeks, I’ve been switching from my old computer system to a new one. I haven’t bought any new computers in years, and it was a real awakening for me to discover how much more complex they are today. Especially for someone like me who’s no technical genius.

In years past, I could set up a new computer in a day or two. But during this latest transition, I couldn’t move as quickly. I ran into technical problems I could get resolved only with professional help. I found myself getting impatient and frustrated. And that’s not typical of me.

Then, a few days ago, in some quiet moments, I began reflecting on all this. I realized the past few weeks had been a valuable education for me. I’d been forced to learn more about computers than I ever cared to. All I want to do is use them, not figure out what makes them tick.

But my new system is far more complex than my old one. And if I had been able to rush through the setup, I would not have understood the new system as well as I do now. I’m sure that will serve me well in the years ahead, and undoubtedly save me time and energy should any problems arise.

So I didn’t get what I thought I wanted (a quick setup), but I got what I really needed.

Here’s Spirit.


You have often heard us say you can create whatever you want. And we stand by that truth, despite the title of today’s article.

First, we need to make it totally clear to you another fact of life — one which we have talked about many times: You are all powerful creators.

Your creative power was one of the reasons you chose to incarnate into this particular lifetime. The environment on your beloved Mother Earth is far more conducive to creativity today than it’s ever been in your human history.

But when we say you are powerful creators, we mean not only the human you, but also the greater You — your higher self.

So this adventure on Mother Earth you are all now experiencing is a co-creative endeavor between you and You. And also, of course, the Universe.

Now let’s take the personal situation John described. He thought he knew what he wanted when he started setting up his new computer system. And he was pretty much on track — he knew the essence of what he wanted. But he hadn’t “fleshed out,” if you will, the details.

And so it’s often, at this point in your creative endeavors, your higher self and the Universe “jump in” to assist you. When that happens, you may sometimes feel frustrated and impatient, as John did.

But when you sit back and reflect, as he also did, you begin to see the bigger picture. And you begin to see not getting what you thought you wanted is often an interim step to getting what you really wanted.

You would have seen what you really wanted if you had taken the time to consider the situation a bit more thoughtfully before you just jumped into it.

All is well, friends. You all live in a vast sea of well-being and abundance. These are your birthrights. And even when you (the human) get in the way of your highest good, You (your higher self) — and the Universe — are always conspiring to bring you exactly what you really want.

You live in a gloriously abundant and magnanimous Universe. And if you simply allow the flow — mostly by staying out of the Universe’s way — you will get all you ask for. It cannot be otherwise.

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