The Wild Winds of Wyoming: Follow-up by John Cali

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John Cali

We received some thoughtful and fascinating feedback from last week’s newsletter. And so we wanted to follow up with a “sequel,” if you will, to that newsletter. If you haven’t read it, you might want to check it out here before you read this week’s newsletter.

This whole issue of resistance and struggle is an overwhelming challenge for many on the planet today. I see it almost every day in my work with Spirit.

In my response to one of the folks who wrote us last week, I shared with her how I personally had learned to eliminate resistance and struggle from my life. Well, at least most of it, for I still find bits and pieces of it cropping up now and then. Here’s part of what I wrote:

“The very first step, a critical step really, is to believe resistance and struggle are not necessary for success in life. And that first step is a huge challenge for many folks, if for no reason other than virtually all the so-called “authorities” (governments, churches, schools, etc., etc.) teach just the opposite. And so the false idea that resistance and struggle are not only necessary, but virtuous, has become part of the mass consciousness.”

And here’s Spirit’s response.


You can have what you want–all of what you want–through resistance and struggle. But it doesnot have to be that way. There is an easier way.

We have spoken many times before on this issue of resistance and struggle. It certainly is a challenging and daunting issue for many on the earth plane today. And, in fact, it often appears to you to be a larger and larger issue all the time.

You are seeing an increase, an accelerating increase, in the intensity on your Mother Earth today. The energies all about you, within you, are growing and intensifying.

This has led to much mental confusion and emotional turmoil. You may have felt some of this confusion and turmoil yourselves. Or, at least, you have certainly observed it in others.

“The times, they are a-changin’,” as one of John’s favorite old (Bob Dylan) songs goes. And they are indeed changing–fast, and then faster.

Change often engenders struggle and resistance in many humans. And yet not all their struggle and resistance, even multiplied many millions, can ever make any difference–or do any good.

You did not come into this lifetime to remain static, changeless. Change, which always means growth, is the name of the game, if you will.

Why resist it? Why rail against it? You will find your lives growing more peaceful, your energies growing more powerful when you simply, as you say, go with the flow.

We are not saying you should not have dreams and goals for yourselves. We are saying those dreams and goals you hold for yourselves are just that–your dreams and goals. Follow them with all the power and passion you can muster.

But then allow all others to follow their dreams and goals. Or allow them to simply not have any dreams or goals, if that is their choice. What others do, or do not do, has no power over you.

All the resistance and struggle most of you encounter in this lifetime is due to your not allowing others to follow their paths as you want to follow yours.

Your path is yours, and need not be theirs. And their path need not be yours.

Give some thought to those last two sentences, and you will have found the place of peace and power where you can give up forever all struggle and resistance.

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