The Will of God by John Cali

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John Cali

A reader sent us a rather interesting question this week. I responded to her, and told her I’d present the question to Spirit. Here’s our exchange:

Her letter:

“Dear John,

“Would I be correct in assuming that Spirit is asking us to surrender to the will of All That Is? And to ask for the best possible/most positive outcome in any situation requiring prayer? Actually not even to ask, just to send positive, balanced energy that would be aligned with the will of All That Is? . . . Just allowing the Universe/Creator/All That Is to be simply that–All That Is. And to trust that the balance and the reality is there.

“Thanks, and thanks for Spirit and their words!”

My response:

“Thanks for your letter.

“Spirit would not say it exactly that way–asking us to surrender to the will of All That Is (or God or Great Spirit, or whatever). There’s nothing wrong with saying it that way. It’s just that many people have what, in my opinion, is a distorted sense of what it means to surrender to the will of God.

“For many, that kind of surrender means resigning themselves to miserable lives, simply because it’s ‘God’s will.’ And that is utter nonsense (in my opinion) . . . . We either create our own realities or we don’t.”

Here’s Spirit.


The will of God is a much-misunderstood concept. The idea many humans have of surrendering to the will of God serves neither them nor God. It is, in fact, often counterproductive, and not at all aligned with the way the Universe really works.

You see, you are in control of your lives. You, on the soul level, and you, on the human level, control your lives. You (soul) and you (human) jointly create your realities.

That is the first point of this discussion here today.

The second point is you are all God! (Or Goddess, All That Is, Great Spirit–whatever term you prefer.) You are all God!

And so, if we proceed in a logical progression from that second point, when you surrender to the will of God, you are simply surrendering to your own will.

In other words, it’s critically important for you to understand this: You can neither blame God nor praise God for what happens in your life. At least not the God many of you envision.

God doesn’t really care what you do. He/She/It knows you’re all going to make it, no matter how much your human minds think you’ve really screwed it all up.

Do you hear that? You’re all going to make it–you cannot fail! Some of you take longer, or more lifetimes, than others to get where you want to be. And that’s alright.

It’s all a game. Life is just a big game. And games are supposed to be fun. Best of all, you get to make the rules of your game.

So if you want to surrender to the will of God, fine. Just know that you are God/Goddess. So, in surrendering to the will of God, you are surrendering to your own will.

Another way to say that is you can have whatever you want. Once you decide you want something, the Universe responds instantly, and immediately what you want is on its way to you. That is the way the Universe works.

It’s called the Law of Attraction. What you think mostly about is what you get in your experience. If you don’t like what you get, change what you think. It’s that simple, that easy.

Surrendering to the will of God–we’ll say it again–is simply acknowledging what you want IS the will of God. The will of God is that you all be free to make your choices and to experience the results of those choices.

Again, it’s a game! Life is a game! It’s supposed to be fun!

Your only real measure of success is the amount of joy you’re feeling.

So, be joyful and have fun. That is the best way of surrendering to the will of God

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