Timely Manifesting by John Cali

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As most of you know, last week, on November 4, we switched from daylight saving time back to standard time. I had a strange experience with the switch, something that had never happened to me before.

John Cali

My telephone, which has a built-in clock, is supposed to automatically switch back and forth from standard to daylight saving time at the usual 2:00 a.m. hour. It’s worked perfectly in previous years.

But in the change last week, the phone refused to switch. I reset it manually perhaps half a dozen times. But it simply kept going back to daylight time.

So I gave up and said “The hell with it!”

Late in the day on November 4, I looked at the phone again — it had switched back to standard time, albeit about fifteen hours late.

Here’s Spirit.


This is a beautiful example of how many humans operate when they want to manifest something.

If you try to force it to happen, as John did, it just doesn’t work, or it delays the manifestation. But if you let go and say, as John also did, “The hell with it!” it manifests, often quickly.

That’s what we want to discuss with you today.

You often get stuck in the desire to have everything you want manifest instantly — or even yesterday. It never works well.

You see, friends, when you’re in that stuck place you’re putting out two contradictory vibrations. You’re telling the Universe what you want. The Universe responds and answers instantly. Vibration number one. But then you often get stuck in that place of noticing you do not yet have what you’ve asked for. Vibration number two. Therein lies the source of your troubles.

As long as you remain in that stuck place, you’ll not get what you want. Why? Because the Universe cannot, by its own law of attraction, deliver something to you if you’re blocking the delivery.

That’s about the simplest and clearest way to say it.

But when you ask and then simply not care (as John did when he said “The hell with it!”), it manifests. It’s a matter of getting out of the Universe’s way. And out of your own way.

In other words, just allowing what you asked for to come to you.

Manifesting anything, big or small, is really that simple. Then your manifestations will always be timely.

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