Vibrations of God by John Cali

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I clearly remember, as a young boy, being super-sensitive to other people and to situations. Often it caused me great pain and made me wonder what was “wrong” with me.

John Cali

Many years ago, just as I was starting out on a conscious, deliberate spiritual path, I attended a “new age” seminar. The whole weekend, I was amazed by all the “secrets” I, as a little child, had suspected were true. But our Catholic faith forbid us to explore them. And my family, loving though they were, had no interest in talking about such matters.

So for many years, I was left to drift alone in a sea of doubts and fears. Finally I got the courage, as a young adult, to question the spiritual “truths” I’d been taught were “gospel” (literally). And I started a search for my truth — a search which continues today, and will for as long as I choose to remain here.

One of the activities we did during the seminar was “muscle testing.” I know this is familiar to many of you. And I also know it’s a controversial subject. If you do a search on Google, you’ll find about 280,000 links to the phrase “muscle testing.”

For those of you not familiar with muscle testing, I’ll give you an example.

One form of muscle testing is taking something generally acknowledged as “bad” for you (e.g., alcohol or cigarettes) and holding it next to your heart. You extend your other arm out to your side, and have someone push down on the arm with only two fingers while you resist the downward pressure. Often, you are unable to resist the pressure and your arm will simply go down.

You can also do the opposite. Take something acknowledged as “good” for you. For example, an organic banana. Do the same test and you’ll often find you can resist the downward pressure.

The point of the exercise was everything has a unique vibration. Your body is sensitive to vibrations. Some vibrations weaken your body, and others strengthen it.

When I say “everything” has a vibration, I mean literally every thing vibrates in its own special way.

Your thoughts have a vibration. Your relationships have a vibration. Your physical bodies have a vibration. Your pets have a vibration. Your homes have a vibration. Your cars have a vibration. Your household plants have a vibration. Literally everything and everyone on the planet, and in the entire Universe, have a vibration.

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a vibrational universe. Every thing that exists — plant, animal, human, rock, etc. — has its own unique vibration. Some of you, like John when he was younger (and like he still is), are particularly sensitive to vibrations.

Many more of you are now becoming so sensitive to the vibrations and energies coming into your planet today, you sometimes think you must be losing your minds. You may be wondering what’s wrong with you.

Friends, there is nothing wrong with you. Your increasing sensitivity is a very goodthing. If you pay attention to it, you will find your powers of discernment increasing. You will more often find yourselves instinctively and instantly knowing all kinds of things you were never consciously aware of before.

Your tastes and preferences will change. And that applies to every aspect of your lives — the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the relationships you have, the work you do, the places you live. And so on.

What’s happening here — to repeat ourselves — is a very good thing, even though you may sometimes feel frustrated and fearful.

A huge shift in the energy of your planet is happening right now. A similar shift is happening in every aspect of your lives, individually and collectively. These are shifts of historic proportions, like none other that have occurred in all of human history.

Consider these shifts great gifts from the Universe. As you become more sensitive to all the shifting vibrations — and, more importantly, as you pay attention to how you feel — you will find your lives becoming more joyful, more peaceful, more abundant. You will quickly know, when faced with changes and opportunities, what is good and right for you. And what is not.

Trust your feelings, your sensitivities. Remember everything has a vibration, as John said. Some vibrations will feel good to you. Some will not. Trust your own inner guidance, always and above all.

You live in exciting times. There has never been a better time to be physically alive on your planet. See these changing times as an exciting opportunity to fully remember who you are and why you are here.

Rejoice in the changes. Rejoice in yourselves. Appreciate yourselves more, as you come to the full realization of your divinity. You are God. A playful God. Your higher selves know that.

Have fun. Play more. Love more. Life is not serious. It’s supposed to be fun!

All the changes you’re experiencing are designed to bring you closer and closer to home, to the home within you. Back to your own heart. Back to where you came from — to God.

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