Walmart and the Universe by John Cali

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John Cali

I can just hear all of you saying it: “Good grief! Cali’s come up with another crazy title! What on earth does Walmart have to do with Spirit or my spiritual path?”

Well, let me explain again. (Some of you living outside the USA may not be familiar with Walmart. It’s a large national chain of stores selling almost everything imaginable, from groceries to hardware to furniture, etc.)

The other day I called my local Walmart store to ask about a piece of furniture I needed for my new home. The nice lady who answered the phone in the customer service department said they had it in stock, and they would deliver it to my house at no extra charge.

So I said, “Great, I’ll be right down to buy it!”

When I got to the store, I talked to the manager. He said “We don’t do deliveries. We’re just not set up for it. We’re not insured or bonded for it. We have no delivery trucks, and no delivery truck drivers.”

So I told him about my conversation with the delightful lady in Walmart’s customer service department. I’m in pretty good physical shape, I told him, but this piece of furniture was far too heavy for me to carry home all by myself.

His instant response was “Okay, if she told you that, we’ll deliver it first thing tomorrow morning.”

As I mulled all this over, I realized that is EXACTLY how the Universe delivers to us whatever we ask for.

I could have told the manager, “Well, okay, you don’t do deliveries. I’ll figure out something else on my own.”

But I didn’t put up that roadblock, that negative thought, in the way of what I wanted to manifest. If I had, I would not have gotten what I wanted. But I asked for what I wanted, and I got it! Even though the “odds” said it would never happen.

Here’s Spirit.


Do you have any idea of the magnificent, magnanimous, abundant, all-loving Universe you live in? The Universe, by its own Law of Attraction, is “programmed,” if you will, to answer your every whim and wish–to fulfill all your desires. EVERY ONE of them–no exceptions!

Do you believe that? Some of you do, many of you don’t.

You are all children of God–or Goddess, Great Spirit, Source–or whatever term suits you. You are all children and citizens of this magnificently abundant Universe. And you deserve, as your birthright, all the abundance the Universe is forever and always ready to deliver to you. All you have to do is ask.

But there is also a second step. Asking is the first step. The second is getting out of the way–simply allowing the Universe to do its work.

The very instant you put a desire out, the Universe answers that desire. At that instant the Universe starts orchestrating all the details, aligning all the energies needed to bring you exactly what you want–EXACTLY!

You live in a Universe of law. And the Law of Attraction reigns supreme. So you MUST get what you ask for. Unless . . .

Unless, that is, you get in the Universe’s way. And this is where many of you go astray. You have a strong desire. Simply having that desire sends a clear message to the Universe the moment you create the desire. The Universe answers instantly. And what you desire is instantly on its way to you.

But what often happens is, after you put out your desire, you start putting up roadblocks. And you slow down, or even stop, the manifestation of what you want.

The Universe always responds to your desires. But, more importantly, it always responds to your vibration.

So you put out this positive vibration of your desire, whatever it is–it doesn’t matter. And then you start building the roadblocks. For example, you might say to yourself some of these things:

“Well, am I really worthy of all this joy and abundance I’m asking for?”


“My church tells me money is evil.”


“My partner thinks I’m being selfish by asking for this.”


“I know I have to work hard and struggle to achieve my goals.”

Etc. etc. ad nauseam. You get the idea.

The last of those is the most insidious–your society teaches you that hard work and struggle and pain are the only ways to achieve success in life.

That  is one of the biggest lies your society has ever foisted upon you. The Universe–God–Goddess–is not about hard work, struggle, or pain. That is utter nonsense! The Universe is all about joy, abundance, and passion. And, most of all, fun!

Even your Bible tells you, “Ask and you shall receive.” Can it get any clearer than that?

It’s so simple–just ASK!

And then you WILL receive–you MUST receive!

It is all so very simple. Ask and receive. Ask and receive. Ask and receive.

It’s simple, it’s gentle, it’s easy. You are worthy and you are powerful. You can create the reality you want simply by asking for it. (But remember the second step.)

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