We Live In Exciting Times by John Cali

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John Cali

The past two weeks I’ve had some fascinating personal experiences in manifesting. We live in exciting times!

Last week I was looking at a small hard pimple on my thumb. It had been there for years, and I decided I didn’t want it any more. I’m sure the medical people reading this will chastise me, but I decided to cut the thing off. So I got out some alcohol to sterilize things, and a sharp knife. When I was ready to start, I couldn’t find the pimple. Within seconds, it had vanished without a trace! And it hasn’t returned.

Several days before that, I was getting dressed to go out early in the morning before dawn. As I prepared to leave my bedroom, I started toward a lamp on my dresser, intending to turn it off. Before I even got near it, it turned itself off. “Strange!” I thought to myself.

And I’ve had several other such happenings recently.

While these may be trivial events, they powerfully illustrate my point — it seems all I had to do was form the intention, and the universe responded instantly.


You live in an incredibly responsive universe. There has never been a better time for you to manifest your heart’s desires.

Manifesting has never been easier. Creating the life you want, the perfect life, has never been easier.

The energy on your planet has intensified many times over in the past 10 to 20 years. And now you are at the highest point of intensity in the history of your planet, and certainly in the history of humankind. There has never been a more powerful time in your human history. This truly is an exciting time to be alive.

The saying, “Ask and you shall receive,” has never, ever held more power and meaning for you than it does right now.

You are living in an era of extremes. Extremes of human tragedies and extremes of human joys.

All is well, friends. You only need to choose which end of the spectrum you will experience — hard times or joyful times. Whatever choice you make, it will be yours, and quickly.

Choose your thoughts and your focus carefully. For whatever you think and focus on must manifest.

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