What Are You Talking About? by John Cali

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I talked about one of my neighbors in a recent newsletter. I don’t mean to be picking on the neighbors, but they seem to be a rich source of stories for our newsletter. So here’s another story, courtesy of another of my Wyoming neighbors.

John Cali

This story really begins about a year ago. But first, let’s fast-forward to the present.

Two weeks ago. I was walking down my driveway toward my mailbox when I ran into a neighbor. So I stopped to chat with her. I asked her how she was, and she told me — in exquisite detail.

Our conversation must have lasted fifteen minutes or more. And all I heard in that time was all the things going wrong in her life. She was having problems with her cars (she has three), with her male relationships, with her ex-husband, with her work, etc. etc.

She had an accident with one of her cars about a year ago. She told me about it right after it happened. Several times, in fact, and she seemed to relish retelling it again and again.

Next thing I know, she has an accident with her second car. And then she had one with her third car. This was beginning to cost her a lot of money. But she kept talking about her accidents.

And she has told me countless times about her relationship problems. So guess what? She continues to have more and more problems with men.

Are you beginning to get the “drift” here? The more she talks about what she doesn’t want in her life, the more she gets of what she doesn’t want.

Here’s Spirit.


The title John has picked for this newsletter is perfect. Do you ever ask yourself “What are you talking about?” If you don’t, we suggest you start.

You probably don’t have to look far among your friends and family to see someone (or several someones) just like John’s chatty neighbor.

These folks are forever talking about everything going “wrong” in their lives and in the lives of people they know.

Now, we are not saying you should deny that you, and others, have challenges and problems in your lives. You do. Period!

That’s just part of physical life on Planet Earth.

But you do not have to dwell in, immerse yourselves in, those challenges and problems. You would, instead, do well to shift your perspective a bit, and see your problems as your higher selves see them. That is, as opportunities you’ve created to help you on your journey of growth.

For that, friends, is what your lives are, and were meant to be — a journey of growth. A journey of joyful growth.

However — and you’ve heard us say this before — you can grow through joy or through pain and suffering. Either way works. It’s your choice.

And so, when you focus on all the stuff you’ve created that you don’t like, you create more of what you don’t like. John’s neighbor has become an expert at this.

It’s all a matter of vibration, of how the law of attraction works.

Whatever vibrations you are creating, through your thoughts and words, draw more experiences of those same vibrations into your lives.

And so it behooves you to pay attention to what you’re thinking and saying. Your thoughts and words have far more power than most of you know.

What it boils down to, friends, is this: Never, ever talk about anything to anyone, including yourselves, you do not want more of. It’s that simple.

Instead, talk only about what you want. Then you will create more of what you want. It’s that simple.

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