What Is, Is by John Cali

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Until the past several weeks or so, it’s been a pretty mild and dry winter here in northwestern Wyoming.

John Cali

About a month ago, I was down at Frank’s Barber Shop for my regular haircut. It’s a friendly gathering place, typical of little western towns like ours. The small group of us there were having an animated conversation, fueled mostly by Frank, the eternally effervescent proprietor.

Eventually the talk turned to the weather, as I guess it does almost everywhere in friendly little places like Frank’s Barber Shop.

We’d had a really dry, relatively mild (for us) winter out here in the mountains of northwestern Wyoming. Someone wondered out loud how we’d ever make it through the year with so little moisture. Even after a good, snowy winter, this is still high, dry country.

One of the group, obviously an eternal optimist, piped up, “Well, this isn’t much different from all the other years. And we’re still here. What is, is.”

He was right. Through wet and dry years (mostly dry), we’ve survived. As he said, “What is, is.”

Here’s Spirit.


One of our greatest joys here in our non-physical dimensions is watching all of you in the physical world. If you knew how entertaining you are, you might lighten up a bit and start entertaining yourselves and each other more.

Life is not supposed to be serious. It’s supposed to be fun!

Most of you have forgotten that. But then you don’t need any reminders from us that your lives are not fun — you do a pretty good job of that yourselves, almost daily.

Friends, we always observe you with the greatest love and respect. If you could observe yourselves from our perspective, you would find your lives inundated with joy — the joy you held in your hearts when you first incarnated. And then you would realize life really isn’t all that serious.

One of the ways you make your lives far too serious is by wanting to control your world, wanting to control other humans, wanting to control all those things which are totally out of your control. Why, you even want to control your weather!

If you could all give up this insane obsession with wanting and needing control, your world would become the place, the paradise you want it to be. But you’re going about it in the opposite way of what really works.

You will never create the life, the world you want by imposing your views, your laws, your ideas of right and wrong on the rest of the world. Those of you who’ve raised children probably understand that better than those who have not.

You will never create this seemingly illusive “peace on earth” most of you say you want by continuing what you’ve been doing. One of your wise teachers once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Spirit is referring to Albert Einstein here.)

Friends, what is, is. Acknowledge, for your own sanity’s sake, you are not in control of others or the world. You are in control only of yourselves.

Once you accept that, then your personal world can truly be paradise on earth. Even if every other human on the planet is on a sure road to hell, you can be living in heaven on earth.

You are all powerful creators, whether you know it or not. Once you’ve accepted that and allowed all others, and yourselves, to follow what paths you are drawn to, then you will find you peace on earth. But, far more importantly, you will find peace in your own lives. And that is theonly place peace on earth can begin.

Then you will have finally recognized what is, is. Then all is well.

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