Whisky and Worms by John Cali

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Years ago, when I was much younger, I remember a funny little story about the evils of drinking alcohol. But the real message, intended or not, was not about drinking.

John Cali

Here’s how the story goes:

A father wanted to teach his son that drinking alcohol was bad. So he took a glass of whisky and dropped a worm into it. The worm immediately shriveled up and died.

Father, hoping son would get his point that alcohol could kill you, said, “So what does that mean to you?”

Son replied, “If you have worms, drink whisky.”

It was all a matter of perspective.

Here’s Spirit.


That little story highlights a far more important issue than drinking. Not that drinking is not an important issue for those who use it as a substitute for feeling good about themselves and their lives.

But the real issue here today is a far more global one, one affecting all of humanity, often adversely.

We’re talking about several “sub-issues,” if you will. These are diversity, perspective, and allowance.

You are all special, unique beings — “offshoots,” if you will, of divine energy. Or, if you prefer, “children of God.” You all have your own special paths and purposes to follow in this lifetime. And not any of you have come to this lifetime to fulfill exactly the same purpose as any other human. You all have something special and unique to contribute to the planet and its people.

No one can ever do exactly what you can do. You’re unique. You’re special. You’re here for a reason.

By your very nature, each of you is quite different from every other human. You have a unique perspective no one else has. And because of that, you have something unique to contribute — something no one but you can contribute.

And so you are all different from one another — hence the diversity. And, therefore, you all have different, unique perspectives of yourselves, each other, and life.

So those are the sub-issues of diversity and perspective.

And now on to the third and most important of these sub-issues — allowance.

If you all knew how to practice the art of allowing, you could instantly transform your world into paradise.

You can do nothing about the diversity or the vastly varying perspectives you all have. But you can do everything about the art of allowing.

Once you are able to see the beauty and the power within yourselves, and all your brothers and sisters, it won’t matter that you are all different from every other human. You will see the differences as gifts — unique gifts you offer to one another. And you will see the oneness you are, despite the differences.

You will see those differences as not something to fight about — to abuse, kill, and otherwise separate yourselves from each other.

You will simply allow others to be who they are. And you will not allow who others are to determine who you are. You will let go of your need to have everyone see life as you do. You will let go of your need to have everyone be the same as you.

Once you can do that, you will be utterly and completely free. And when enough of you can do that, humanity will return to its natural state of freedom.

It won’t matter how you see the whisky or the worm. You’re free because you’ve allowed all others to be free.

All is well.

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