Why Don’t We Ask For What We Want? by John Cali

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Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately needed help, but it never occurred to you to ask for it? I was, very recently. It was a great wake-up call.

John Cali

Several Saturday mornings ago, I awoke to a cold, grey November dawn. The day was full of the promise of snow.

I shivered as I rolled out of bed. I looked at my thermostat and realized my furnace had quit working during the night. I said to myself, “Great!”

Now, I love cold weather and winter. But not inside my house!

Being a weekend, I could not rouse any repair people — certainly not out here in the middle of nowhere. So I spent a long, cold, grey Saturday. I worked on my computer all day, and it helped keep my mind off the cold.

During that entire day, it never occurred to me to ask Spirit for help. After all, what do they know about furnaces?

I went to bed late Saturday night with the prospect of another cold, grey November dawn awaiting me.

I woke up early Sunday morning, long before dawn. My house was like a refrigerator. Only then did it occur to me to ask for help. “Okay, Spirit,” I said, “I need you to do something — anything!” Then I went back to sleep.

About an hour later, I suddenly woke up again. In the doorway of my bedroom I saw a brilliant flash of white light. It lasted a split-second and was gone.

I got out of bed a few minutes later, and realized my furnace was working again. Hooray! I wouldn’t have to spend another cold day inside my house.

Now I’m sure someone could come up with a rational mechanical explanation for all this. But it really wouldn’t matter. What matters is I asked and it happened, almost instantly. What difference does it make how the Universe, or Spirit, chooses to grant what we ask for?

(As it turned out, the furnace kept working all day Sunday, then quit again. But that’s another story for another newsletter.)

Here’s Spirit.


It always amazes us how you humans often simply do not ask for what you want. You live in a world, in a Universe of unlimited abundance. And those of you on a conscious spiritual path — all of you reading this, including John — know abundance is your birthright as children of the Universe.

And yet you often limit yourselves by not asking for what you want. You deprive yourselves of much good that would otherwise flow to you easily and effortlessly.


Well, in our view, we see this rather interesting phenomenon as a byproduct of living in your modern world.

Your world’s mass consciousness is, basically, one of lack, one of a belief in scarcity. Your often destructive concept of competition is based on your belief in lack, scarcity. And so that is exactly what many on the planet experience.

Now we are not criticizing anyone who’s living in a state of poverty, ignorance, or any other form of lack or scarcity. Often, those in such circumstances have made that choice at the soul level before they incarnated. That path, too, will lead home. As all paths will, as all paths must.

But when you begin to awaken spiritually, begin to remember who you really are, and begin to acknowledge abundance is your birthright, the doors will start opening. The perfect people who want to help you, play with you, rejoice with you will appear at the perfect times. Glorious opportunities will magically jump into your lives.

In your minds, you often limit the ways Spirit can respond to you. And so, as in John’s furnace situation, it never even occurs to you to ask.

Our advice to you is simple: When you want something — anything, someone — anyone, just ask. The Universe is there waiting to grant you whatever you ask.

Ask and you shall receive.

P.S. from John:
Tomorrow, Thursday, November 23, 2006, the USA celebrates Thanksgiving Day. Despite the challenges and changes our planet is undergoing today — or maybe because of them — we all, in every country around the globe, have much to be thankful for. Spirit did a Thanksgiving message some years back. It was called Gratitude, and is as fitting today as it was then.

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