Winds of Change by John Cali

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John Cali

One of the many things I love about living in Wyoming is the weather. It’s constantly changing.

In the winter we can get surprisingly warm days, sometimes after weeks of sub-zero temperatures. Especially when the warm Chinook winds blow down out of the western mountains.

In the summer we can get surprisingly cold days. I remember more than one snowy July out here.

And, of course, the wild winds of Wyoming are a near-constant fact of life.

I love the winds, the four seasons, and the constantly changing weather. For me, it’s uplifting and energizing.

The changing weather is a wonderful metaphor for life, isn’t it? When I was younger, I hated change. It felt threatening and I resisted it. Now I love change. It’s the spice of life. Especially in these exciting times we’re living.

The wild winds of change are blowing over us all. Just like the wild winds of Wyoming blowing over our beautiful mountains and prairies.

We can no more avoid change than we can the wind. It’s the only constant in life. So why do we resist it so much?


Your higher selves knew, when you incarnated, you were not coming into a stable, steady environment where nothing ever changed. And, in fact, that was part of the allure and attraction of physically incarnating at this time in your human history.

Friends, change is the allure and the attraction. The diversity, and the vast array of choices that diversity affords you, are what attracted your higher selves to this lifetime. It’s exciting! It’s fun! It’s all a game your higher self wanted to play.

As John said, you can no more avoid change than you can the wind. So why do you resist it?

Good question.

For starters, you’ve been taught stability is a good thing. After all, it’s your “responsibility” — or so your society would have you believe — to create a stable life for yourself and your loved ones. You know — all those things that “should” be important to you. Like a good job, money flowing in, marriage, children, a nice house, friends, etc.

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. But if one or more of those things bring you no joy, but only pain, there’s everything wrong with it.

And yet many of you get stuck in joyless ruts and just stagnate and die there. You become one of the living dead, living lives of quiet desperation.

But you resist changing things, even as painful as they may be, because they are familiar. There is some kind of perverse pleasure, it seems, in remaining stable and unchanging. Even if you’re gasping for breath and your life is dragging you into an increasingly deeper and darker downward spiral.

And so, even though it seems you are not changing, you really are, all the time. You’re making choices every day. You cannot not make choices.

But many simply choose to remain where they are. Even if they could just as easily choose a more joyful path.

Whatever you focus on, the Universe will bring to you. If you focus on the status quo, you’ll get more of the status quo. If the status quo is not what you want, and you focus on what you want, the changes you want in your life, the Universe will deliver that to you. It’s pretty simple.

You cannot avoid change. Period! Because you cannot avoid making choices.

As we said, you can choose more of the status quo or you can choose what you really want.

But you cannot not change. You can change from today’s status quo to the same tomorrow. Or you can change from today’s status quo to a more joyful life tomorrow.

It’s all up to you. It’s your choice. But change is inevitable. It is futile to resist it.

Life, friends, is about joy. That’s your purpose. The more joyful you are, the more successful you are. Change is part of life, a part you cannot escape.

So embrace change. Embrace joy. Embrace life.

And have fun!

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