Wouldn’t It Be Nice Not To Have Any Stress? by John Cali

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John Cali

A couple days ago, I was walking into the post office. There was a couple standing at the entrance. As I passed them, I overheard the woman say to the man, “Wouldn’t it be nice not to have any stress?”

That got me to thinking what a stress-filled world we live in. Or do we?

There are certainly lots of stressed-out folks — even out here in this remote part of the northern Rocky Mountains. We don’t have the usual stresses of a metropolitan area — too many people, too much pollution, too much traffic, too much angry politics.

But even here, I see plenty of people living on the edge of sanity.

So where does the stress come from? And how do we deal with it?

Here’s Spirit.


Your world certainly seems filled with stress almost everywhere you look. Disasters and death abound. There doesn’t appear to be much good news out there.

But let’s consider that for a moment. There has never been a time in your human history when there have not been disasters and death. They are a part of your human history.

But let’s also consider the other side of the coin. There has never been a time in your human (or individual) history when there have not been acts of heroism, charity, and love.

“Good” news exists as surely as “bad” news does. What you see depends on you and your perspective. In other words, what do you choose to focus on? The “good” or the “bad?”

It is your choice. We realize it can be a challenge to pretend the bad news doesn’t exist. But we are not asking you to pretend it’s not there. It is there, always has been, always will be.

But so too is the good news — it is there, always has been, always will be.

By your soul’s deliberate choice, you live in a world of vast diversity. A world of intense contrast, of endless opportunities to choose exactly what you will experience in this lifetime.

And whatever you experience is neither good nor bad. It’s just your choice. It’s part of your growth as a human and spirit being. You cannot get it wrong.

And so, friends, you get to choose to focus on the good news or the bad news.

Focusing on the bad news is what creates stress. But the stress is not “out there” — it’s in you.

You feel stressed when you are misaligned with your higher self, your soul. Stress is simply one of many possible signs you are out of alignment. When you’re out of alignment you feel bad, you feel stressed.

The source of the stress, and the solution to ridding yourself of it, are within you. It’s all inside you.

Your reality is created from the inside out, not from the outside in. You are in control.

So the answer to dealing with stress is to go within to that still, quiet place of peace and joy you all carry within your hearts.

You can touch that place of peace and joy any time you want, in any way you choose. Take a few deep breaths, meditate, walk out in nature, spend time with your dog — whatever feels good to you.

As you practice going within, feeling peaceful and powerful, you will notice something remarkable — you will find yourself paying less and less attention to all the “bad” stuff out there. Why? Because, for you, there is only “good” stuff out there.

What’s out there, good or bad, is your creation. None of it is really “real” unless you give it your attention.

Spend more of your time focusing on what feels good to you. Before you know it, your stress will be melting away like butter on a hot stove.

It’s all a matter of focus. And it’s your choice to focus on what you want — or on what you don’t want.

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