You Are God by John Cali

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John Cali

A member of our discussion group recently asked this question of the other members:

“Have any of you ever tried to go direct to Spirit or any other advanced spirit personally, without (an) intermediary . . . like John who has learned how to listen? ‘Tis a fine line, but one that takes a lot of courage to cross, IMO. I sometimes think I am channeling but at other times I just decide I am really in the groove, creatively.”

It’s an excellent question, and one Spirit and I thought we should address in the newsletter.


None of you are ever disconnected from the world of Spirit. We know you sometimes, or perhaps often, feel disconnected. But you never are.

You’ve heard us and others use the term “All That Is” to mean God, Goddess, Great Spirit, the Universe, etc. The term “All That Is” is one of our favorites because it clearly conveys our view of that divine, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful energy that rules all of creation.

All of creation is All That Is, God. Every being, human or non-human, physical or nonphysical, big or small, animate or inanimate, is part of All That Is, God. And it logically follows that all of you are also part of God. You are not only part of God. You are God.

So it’s impossible to ever be disconnected from who you are–which is God, Spirit.

Now, with that rather long-winded introduction, let us get to the heart of the discussion group member’s question. Which was, essentially, “Can you go directly to the source?”

Of course you can!

Do you need John as an intermediary to contact us?


And neither do you need your churches, priests, ministers, gurus, counselors, or any other individual or organization to act as your “go-between” to communicate with the world of Spirit.

However, and this is an obvious fact but one not fully grasped by many, most humans believe they need a go-between, an intermediary. If that were not true, many of your mainstream religions and other spiritual organizations simply could not exist.

“And so, Spirit,” you might ask, “what is the purpose of any intermediary? What is your purpose?”

Our purpose, dear friends, is to remind you of who you truly are–goddesses and gods. Most of you have forgotten that. Or have only a dim recollection of it. So we–the intermediaries–are here to remind you.

You have a direct line to God, to Spirit, to All That Is, to your higher self. And when you remember and accept that, there will be no more work for us, the intermediaries, to do.

Our goal is to put ourselves out of business. And when you remember you are God, we will have achieved our goal.

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