You Are Never Alone by John Cali

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John Cali

One recent September morning I was wrestling with a couple of challenges in my personal life. I won’t say I was struggling, but it was pretty close to that.

And yet I know, especially after all these years of working with Spirit, struggle gets us nowhere. Except deeper into exactly what we’re struggling against.

I was feeling stressed and alone. These are feelings I almost never have at this point in my life.

So I gave myself a little pep talk. I told myself I know when I am feeling like this, it’s because I’ve somehow disconnected from my higher self. And I know I have the tools I need to get me reconnected.

One of those tools is so simple it sounds ridiculous to many folks. I just relax and focus on my breathing. Breathing in and out, in and out.

This is a process Spirit has taught me and many others over the years.

As simple as it sounds, it works. And it works well.

Within a few moments, I was feeling more upbeat and positive. Nothing had changed outwardly. But much had changed inwardly. I was again in tune with my higher self.

When we’re in tune with our higher selves, magic happens. And that eternal golden flow of energy from Spirit opens up to us again.

Spirit always lets us know it is there, if we but open our eyes and see the signs.

After I’d done a few minutes of just relaxing and breathing, I went out to run a few errands. As I stepped out onto my front porch, there lay a beautiful light grey feather.

Feathers have always been powerful omens for me, a sign from Spirit. The first time I ever received a feather was in Yellowstone National Park many years ago. A big, black, beautiful feather. It was a gift from Spirit. I have it still.

As I eased my car out onto the little road I live on, a truck passed me. Its license plate number was 11-11.

The number 11 is a powerful sign for me personally. It signifies a gateway, an opening, a new beginning.

A few minutes later, I went into a store to buy an item I needed. There was only one of those items left on the shelves. It’s price was $11.11.

All this happened in less time than it took me to write these few words.

Our friends, the Abraham group, call these “touchstones of well-being,” signs from the Universe telling us we live in a vast sea of well-being.

Spirit speaks to us in myriad and diverse ways if we are open to its messages. And its messages are always the same: You are never alone.


It is easy to feel stressed and alone in your modern world. There are so many forces and pressures urging, even coercing, you to bend to their will.

You have multitudes of “authorities” telling you what’s best for you. Giving you advice on how best to live your lives. They, of course, being the “authorities,” know what’s best for all who care to listen to them.

That is not always a bad thing. The “authorities,” for the most part, are not of malicious intent. They usually sincerely believe what they are telling you. But they are often misguided themselves, and confused about the true purpose of human life, life upon your Mother Earth.

Human life, from your soul’s perspective, was never meant to be a joyless submission to the guidance and advice, no matter how well or ill intended, from any source outside yourselves.

And yet most of you live practically your entire lives–and guide those lives by–listening only to what others say. You pay scant attention to your own inner guidance. That guidance that comes from your highest and best authority–your higher self. Which is, truly, your only real authority.

And so when you allow yourselves to get disconnected from your higher selves–as John did in the story he just related–you often feel, as he did, stressed and alone.

We suspect many of you live your lives in a state of feeling stressed and lonely. At least much of the time.

It does not have to be that way. It was never meant to be that way.

When you are feeling that way, it behooves you to use whatever tools you have at hand to get yourselves reconnected to your true source–your higher selves.

In John’s case, relaxing and breathing was the perfect tool. And it’s often the perfect tool for many of you. A powerful tool. A simple tool.

Because it is so powerful and simple–and extraordinarily effective–we often advise its use.

The Universe, the Great Spirit, your higher self will always respond when you make a deliberate, conscious choice to move back into your rightful place as human beings. That place of deep connectedness between the human you and the spiritual you.

When you do that, by whatever means you have available to you, you will always feel safe, secure, and filled with a deep sense of joy and peace.

Spirit is always there when you open yourselves. In fact, it has never left you.

But when you immerse yourselves overly much in the ways of the world, you lose sight of your connectedness to Spirit.

When you regain that connection consciously, Spirit will always let you know, one way or another, you are never alone.

You are blessed beings who deserve, as your birthright, lifetimes filled to overflowing with joy, peace, abundance.

Trust that.

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