You May Never Know by John Cali

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Do you ever wonder if your life matters to others, even to those you love? Do you ever think you could be making a real, positive difference in their lives?

John Cali

I have a dear friend I’ve known about 30 years. We don’t see each other much, as she lives in the eastern United States and I’m in Wyoming. But we stay in touch.

She’s been ill with a rare, potentially fatal, disease for some years now. She recently came through her eighth surgery. She never complains, never asks “Why me?” She just goes on and on, trusting all will be well.

She has a loving and supportive husband and family. They’ve stayed faithfully at her side through it all.

Her courage and strength have been a rare inspiration to me over the years. And I know to all those others close to her.

I’ve often felt helpless, thinking there was nothing I could do for her. She was doing more for me than I could ever do for her — just by her magnificent example of living her life bravely and joyously, even in the face of daunting challenges that would have totally defeated others.

Last week I got a letter from her after she’d returned home from her latest surgery. She sounded so upbeat, positive, and joyful. The last sentence of her letter read “You are so much a part of my healing.”

That totally blew me away. I had no idea that just being there for her, offering her a few words of support now and then, had mattered much.

We never know how much we can deeply touch others with the little things — a smile, a kind word, taking the time to tell them we love them. And yet our love and caring have the power to transform and heal them.

I’m not telling you this to boast about myself. But to only point out you all touch others in ways you may never know.

Here’s Spirit.


You are all connected. You are all related. Even in your modern world, where you seem so fragmented and separate from one another, you truly are one.

Everything you do, say, and think, as one person standing alone, has a powerful effect on every other being in the world. It’s what we call the “ripple effect.” Like a stone thrown into the middle of a still pond, you create ripples of energy touching everyone and everything, even unto the farthest reaches of the Universe.

That’s how powerful each of you is. Standing alone, your influence is powerful beyond what most of you could ever imagine.

You matter. Your life matters.

You are not alone in your life, your world, your Universe. You are eternally connected to all that is.

And so, friends, it behooves you to be watchful. Knowing every thought you think affects all your sisters and brothers, all that is — that which you call God or Goddess.

You, standing alone, are an incredibly powerful force — for good or for ill. You cannot control others. But you certainly can, and do, influence them.

Every thought of love and compassion you think soothes and nurtures the world around you. Every thought of hatred or revenge you think contributes to the wounding of an already badly wounded world.

You have that much power. And we want you to be fully, consciously aware of that power.

And then, we guarantee you will be making a positive difference in your world. Sometimes you may see the results. But, perhaps more often, you may never know.

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