Your Physical Body by John Cali

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How do you view your physical body? As your friend, or your enemy? Or something in between? You know — a nuisance you gotta put up with.

John Cali

Over the years of my work with Spirit, I’ve observed a clear pattern emerging around the issues most people are concerned about. The four big ones are work/career; relationships, especially romantic ones; money/abundance; and physical health. Today we’re going to talk about physical health.

I’m always surprised, when I talk to family and friends, how many of us expect to deteriorate physically as we grow older. And as we grow older, we focus on and talk more about illness and disease as if they were inevitable — the price we pay for living a long life, the thinking goes.

Many of us view our bodies not as a friend, but as the enemy. We’re afraid of our bodies.

Here’s Spirit.


Let’s get this straight right at the beginning of our discussion today: Your bodies are your friends. Period! End of subject.

However, we realize many of you view your bodies, in John’s words, as the enemy. Or just a nuisance — the price you have to pay for being on the planet.

We wish you could see yourselves and your physical bodies from our perspective — and you can if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Your bodies are magnificent mechanisms, far more powerful than most of you have ever imagined. Far more resilient, far more wonderful, far more miraculous than you have ever imagined.

Think about this: Every cell in your bodies has its own consciousness, its own intelligence. Andevery cell knows how to work perfectly in love and harmony with every other cell in your bodies.

Problems develop mostly when you get in the way of what your bodies instinctively know how to do. What they instinctively know how to do is achieve and maintain a state of perfect balance, perfect health. That is your bodies’ natural tendency. And your bodies’ natural state is that of total well-being.

We realize many of you do not have balanced, healthy bodies. And we do not want you beating up on yourselves for that. Also, while we do not want to get into this in detail today, we know some of you, before you incarnated, chose bodies less than what you’d consider balanced and healthy.

What we do want to emphasize today is this: The deterioration many of you experience as you grow older, moving through the years of your lives, is not inevitable.

However, it is inevitable (and obvious) you will move through the years. Unless you decide to bow out early. You will age. But aging is not the same as deteriorating or spiraling downward into disease and despair. You can move gracefully and joyfully through the years without disease or despair.

It is perfectly possible for you to die in a state of perfect health. You can simply come to a place and time where you say to yourselves, “Well, I’ve had enough for this time around. I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do. Now it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure.”

And then you die, painlessly and joyfully.

That, friends, is the ideal scenario. And you can all create it.

If you acknowledge your bodies are your friends — and embrace them with love, compassion, and gratitude — you will move through and beyond any present physical challenges you may be having, no matter how difficult or deadly.

Then you will find your lives — and your deaths — glorious adventures you never dreamed possible.


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