Your Power Is Now by John Cali

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One of the most frequent questions Spirit and I get goes something like this: How can I be free of my past traumas and all the negative feelings accompanying those traumas? The questions are usually more specific, but you get the general idea.

John Cali

So many folks feel imprisoned, or at least restricted, by their past. And it can be the past of this lifetime or of other lifetimes. Seemingly, the past affects everything in their present — physical health, relationships, work, financial abundance, etc.

That’s the bad news. The good news is it doesn’t have to be.

All of us on the earth plane have incredible power — the power to manifest anything and everything we want. And every bit of that power lives in this present moment. The past has no power over us. None whatsoever.

As Spirit once said to me, “The past has no power over you unless you continue to remember it.”

Here’s Spirit.


What are you thinking about right now? As you’re starting to read this, what are your predominant thoughts?

Whatever they are, they probably have something to do with wanting to be free and joyful.

You were born free. You were born joyful and joy-filled. When you entered your present physical bodies, you were filled with an exhilarating sense of freedom and joy. You were excited, ecstatic even, to be coming once again to this wild frontier of life on Mother Earth.

You anticipated a wild ride. And most of you have had just that — a really wild ride. But you also anticipated a joyful ride. Yet many of you have not had that. Why do you suppose that is?

Well, let us offer you our perspective. When you were infants and for the first few years after infancy, you were exploring and immersing yourselves in the pleasures and passions of this wondrous planet you call Earth.

You’d been here before, many times. But each incarnation was fresh and new. It was exciting for you, the infant — the young child of few years, to be back again in the wild diversity of physical life on Earth.

You were having fun. You were filled with joy. And, no matter how your particular circumstances of birth might be viewed by more “mature” human minds, you were having a really good time!

But then “reality” kicked in. You were told, or circumstances (as interpreted by your elders) indicated, life is serious business. You have a responsibility to become a success, however that was defined by the particular “authorities” in your life.

And so it went, on and on, until all or most of the fun and joy were drained from your young life. Then you became one of “them.”

That scenario did not happen to all of you. But it certainly did to many of you.

What do you think is the difference between that carefree, joyful little child you were once and that care-full, joyless big child you are now?

The difference is how you see your now — how you are perceiving in your present moments. Most of you do not live fully in the present moment, as you did when you were little children.

You’re usually worrying about or fearing the future, or feeling guilty or troubled about the past. Hardly a thought, however, do you give to the present moment.

And yet all your power is in this present moment. All your power! You cannot live in the past or future. But you can certainly let your worry or guilt keep you from living fully in this present moment.

All you have is now. As a little child, you knew that. And you were joyful for the gift of each present moment the Universe bestowed upon you. You were grateful and you immersed yourselves in the pleasure and passion of physical life.

Your power is now. Become as little children once again. Live now. Look for what feels good to you — and only for what feels good. Seek only joy, as you once did.

When, in your daily lives, you experience more joy and less of anything that is not joy, you will prosper and grow.

Joy is the only true measure of success. And you can find joy only in the present moment. You’ll never find it in the past or future. Once you know that in your heart, you are tapping into that divine creative energy that is your birthright. That creative energy you fully possessed as a child.

When you’re able to do that, you will know you can have it all, in this lifetime — right here and now. Because all your power is now.

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