You’re Probably Going To Die From This by John Cali

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John Cali

This week we’re continuing our theme from last week: your physical body and its well-being.

A few days ago, I had a long talk with my cousin. We’re exactly the same age, and we grew up next door to each other in rural western New York State. We’ve always had a close, loving sister-brother-type relationship.

She was telling me about a recent health crisis her daughter had — she’d been diagnosed with a deadly tumor.

After the operation, her surgeon told her he’d gotten all of the tumor out, and the prognosis was excellent. If he hadn’t gotten it all out, he continued, her life expectancy would have been about two years. And it could have been a horribly painful death. She’s still a relatively young woman — about 40, and this would not have been good news for one that young.

So she wasn’t going to die after all — at least not right now, or soon. Then the good doctor made an ominous remark. Some day, he said, “You’re probably going to die from this anyway.”

Now I’m sure this man, a surgeon who practices his trade in one of the most well-regarded medical facilities in the world, is competent and was well-intended in his remarks to his patient. After all, he’s a healer.

But to instill in a patient’s mind that she is probably going to die a horribly painful death is, to me, an abdication of his responsibility as a doctor and a healer.


One of the greatest challenges many humans have is dealing with their physical bodies. Your bodies are magnificent mechanisms — truly magical beyond any of your wildest imaginings.

The intricate processes your bodies undertake every single second of your physical life are truly magical. Your bodies — every part, organ, and system — every cell, molecule, and atom — know how to do their jobs, and how to do them perfectly.

It would truly boggle your mind if you could see all these delicate, intricate inner workings of your physical bodies. Your bodies need no direction from you. In fact, they do very well without you.

They know instinctively how they should be operating. And they know their natural state is that of well-being, of perfect health.

And so, Spirit, you might ask, how does it happen that so many human bodies are afflicted with all these deadly dis-eases and disasters? And how does it happen that virtually all human bodies die of dis-ease if they live long enough?

Well, friends, dis-ease is not caused by your bodies not doing their jobs. Which is to maintain a state of balance, equilibrium, health. Your bodies know how to do that very well.

Most of you underestimate your own power — your power to create your own realities.

And so if you pay too much attention to all the “news” out there, you’re not doing yourselves or your bodies any favors.

An excellent example of that is your yearly outbreak of flu. It happens like clockwork, as you say. And this year there’s been a much publicized concern over not having enough flu vaccine to go around.

Immerse yourselves enough in that mindset, that vibration, and you’re almost certainly going to get the flu. There are, however, those among you (and John is an example) who pay no attention to such matters — and who never or rarely get the flu.

If you truly believe your bodies are weak and vulnerable to whatever germ, bug, or virus that comes along, then you weaken your bodies natural instincts and their abilities to maintain a state of perfect health.

And if you get someone in a position of authority, like a physician, telling you you’re likely to die from this or that, and you hold that belief, you’re probably going to die from this or that.

But it need not be that way. You create your reality, including your physical health and the manner of your departure from this life.

So it behooves you to assist your body in doing what it does so well — that is, maintaining a state of perfect health. And you can best do that by staying out of the way. And by trusting your body to create and re-create itself in perfect balance every moment of your physical life, from birth to death.

Trust is the key here.

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