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posticon Expectations, Part 2 Reflection Questions by John Cali

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  • Can you think of a time when you literally pushed abundance away from yourself? For example, refusing a gift someone generously offered you. Or not taking time for yourself to just relax without having to “do” anything.


  • Do you believe abundance is your birthright as a child of the Universe? Or do you believe you must “work hard” because life is not easy? Whether you answered “Yes” or “No,” why?
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posticon Expectations, Part 2 by John Cali

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I was standing in line at our little post office last week, and I couldn’t help but hear a conversation between one of the postal clerks and a customer. It was a friendly conversation between the two. But there was a dark undercurrent in their lighthearted chatter.

John Cali

Spirit and I discussed expectations in an earlier newsletter article, also titled Expectations. But the post office conversation reminded me of how pervasive and debilitating that “dark undercurrent” is.

The customer was paying cash for some stamps, and she came up a penny short.… Read more

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