A Curious Dream by John Cali

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I had a short, but strange and curious dream several nights ago. It was very vivid, and I knew it held an important message. As our dreams often do.

John Cali

In the dream Spirit gave me a gift, an unusual gift. It was a small multi-colored ball. Small enough to easily hold in the palm of your hand, or carry around in your pocket or purse. It had a pattern similar to the ball used in American soccer games. Or, for those of you in Europe, I believe you call those games “football.”

This is the curious part of the dream. If I made a mistake I could simply squeeze the ball and the mistake would be erased forever. My life would start over anew.

Pretty neat trick, don’t you think?

Of course we all make “mistakes.” But Spirit has often said there are no mistakes. We’ve never done anything “wrong.”

Here’s Spirit.

Humans have a bad habit of beating up on themselves whenever they do something “wrong.”

But — think about this, friends — what is “wrong,” what is “right,” what is “good,” what is “bad?”

You have a long litany of “sins” you either committed or barely managed to avoid committing.

When your higher selves decided to incarnate in your current physical bodies at this fascinating time of growth for your race and your planet, they knew exactly what they were doing. They did not intend for you (the human aspect of themselves) to see if you could get life “right.”

There is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad. There is nothing — nothing at all — except experience. Experience in consciousness.

Consciousness is what it’s all about. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else matters.

It’s all good!

That is how we see you from our perspective. That is how your higher selves see you. It’s all good. You are all good!

In your choice to incarnate at this amazing time of transformation, we applaud you. We love you. We admire your courage. We respect your willingness to be in the vanguard of this new era, the likes of which the universe has never seen.

When you get past your self-imposed limitations and perceptions of what you’re “supposed” to be, do, and have, you will see yourselves as we see you — as Gods in human form. Gods who have temporarily forgotten who they are. But Gods nonetheless.

Friends, John’s little soccer ball is a beautiful metaphor for the way you can live your human lives.

You are not shackled by your past — the past of this lifetime or any other lifetime. The past — or what you call the past — is an illusion. It’s part of your illusion of linear time.

But you can transcend that illusion when you remember who you are — God. With God every breath you take is a new beginning — literally a new life.

Every inhalation renews and revitalizes every aspect of your being, physical and spiritual. (This is often the basis of what you call spontaneous or instant healing.) Every exhalation releases all of your “past” — all of your “mistakes.” They simply cease to exist.

You are reborn with every breath. Rejoice in knowing that. You do not have a little soccer ball to renew yourselves. But you do have an even more powerful tool of renewal — your breath. Your breath is literally the breath of life, the breath of renewal.

Breathe out the old. Breathe in the new. Rejoice. All is well.

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