A Fish Story by John Cali

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You fall in love with films because films help you fall in love with life. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

scc-logo2A Fish Story…

…is a movie that will change the way you look at life. And you can receive your own copy of this film on DVD free — I’ll share how below. But first let me tell you a little more about this life-affirming film.

Nick Stern, a loving father and devoted husband is heading to the lake to put the finishing touches to his wilderness fishing cabin. Suddenly Eddie, a fugitive on the run, dashes across the road. Nick swerves and crashes. Eddie tries to help, but reluctantly runs away when the sheriff arrives. Nick dies — alone.

As final as death is for the living, for those who’ve crossed over it can be just the beginning. Nick can’t “let go.” The pain his death has brought to his family is preventing him from “moving on.” So Nick begins a process of renewal that will change everyone in this film.

The heart of the film — in more ways than one — is how Nick and his family are finally given the gift of healing by the most unlikely of redeemers — Eddie. Eddie has his share of misfortune and wrong turns in life, but is nonetheless the perfect person to help Nick get to where he needs to go.

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If you appreciate inspiring stories, you do not want to miss this one… and thanks to Gaiam’s Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can receive A Fish Story now, plus 3 wonderfully engaging short films. All these films are on one DVD which you never have to return — when you activate your free trial membership.

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Act now, as A Fish Story is available only till March 20, 2015 — that’s just 17 days from now. So activate your free trial of Spiritual Cinema Circle and Gaiam TV right now.

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Here’s the trailer for Spiritual Cinema Circle’s A Fish Story feature film, and the three short films.


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