Aches and Pains, Part 2 by John Cali

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Last week’s newsletter article, “Aches and Pains,” generated much more feedback from you, our readers, than you normally give us. It must have struck a responsive chord. Nearly all your feedback was positive. So this week we’re doing a follow-up to that article.

John Cali

In her feedback on last week’s newsletter, one of our readers asked a couple interesting, perceptive questions:

“…is it possible that some are feeling many of these symptoms and others are feeling nothing? OR are they feeling it but unaware of what is happening and just writing it off as an illness, or old age or any number of reasons?”

Here’s part of my response to her:

“I think there probably are some feeling nothing. But that could well be because they’re not tuned in to themselves or their bodies. But I think there are many more that are — as you say — “just writing off what they’re feeling as illness, aging, etc. etc.”

So what should you do if you’re not sure Spirit was right last week, and you think your aches and pains are signs of serious illness?

Here’s Spirit.

A medical doctor’s diagnosis is sometimes a death sentence. This is not because doctors are ill-intended. In fact, today you’re seeing many more bright, holistically-oriented doctors than ever before. That’s definitely a good thing.

However, some doctors are still entrenched in the old western medical perspective of “find out what’s wrong and fix it.” They actually go looking for something wrong. And they often find it.

While that’s fine as far as it goes, it neglects the other aspects of the whole person — mind, emotions, spirit.

All illness has at its roots some kind of spiritual imbalance. That imbalance will — must — sooner or later manifest itself in physical symptoms if the person does nothing to restore balance to themselves.

If you must go to a medical doctor or other health care practitioner, find one who treats the whole person. And not one who approaches her/his work solely as a “body mechanic.”

Choose one who will find something right with your physical body. Choose one who will welcome you as a full partner in your healing. Even then don’t simply accept whatever the doctor says without first running it through the “filter,” if you will, of your own inner guidance. In other words, do only what feels right and good to you — and for you.

We want to conclude this by saying something about your bodies’ ability to heal themselves.

We know some of you will disagree with us. That’s fine.

There is no illness, dis-ease, or other unbalanced physical condition your bodies do not know how to heal. Even so-called “terminal illnesses” can be reversed, and the person returned to a state of perfect health and well-being.

Your bodies instinctively know how to heal themselves if you stay out of their way.

Friends, it’s all up to you. You’re in control.

However, we urge you not to judge another who may have a “fatal” dis-ease, and then dies. You have no idea what their or their higher self’s “agenda” is. And you have no right to assume you do.

All must follow their own path. You need to allow others whatever choices or paths they follow. If you do not, then you are going to find yourselves in a state of imbalance — and headed towards wherever that may lead.

Trust all is well. All is as it should be.

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