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Last week I had several “down days.” Nothing serious, but very frustrating and annoying.
John Cali

I have occasional ups and downs, as we all do. But I rarely stay down very long, certainly not several days. Also, I’m in pretty good physical shape. I exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet, meditate every day — you know, all the “right” things. So I was baffled why I was feeling ornery, not my usual self.

One morning after the dark mood passed I was lying in bed upon awakening. It suddenly dawned on me what had happened.

First, I realized I’d been reading too much mainstream news. I usually just quickly scan the headlines so I have some idea of what’s going on in the world. But I rarely read much of the “bad” news nor any of the negative political shenanigans.

I also realized I’d been focusing too much on the struggles several people close to me were having. I was giving too much attention to their problems and not enough to what I could do positively to help them.

In short, I’d gotten out of alignment with my higher self, with Source.

Here’s Spirit.

We acknowledge, friends, it’s sometimes easy to get misaligned, to lose touch with your higher selves.

There are many distractions and dramas in your world today. And unless you do the “right” things, in John’s words, it’s easy to lose your focus. Sometimes you even feel you’ve lost yourselves.

We certainly are not telling you to adopt a callous, hardened attitude toward the suffering and pain so obvious in your world today, especially as you approach your year 2012.

But we are telling you there’s no benefit to you or to the rest of the world, including your loved ones, if you get yourselves so buried in the pain and suffering of those around you and of the world at large.

You have been taught, brainwashed really, to believe you should make the suffering of others your own. You’ve been led to believe nothing good comes to you without pain. You know, it’s that tired old thing €“ “No pain, no gain.”

We don’t buy that and neither should you.

Absolutely the best way you can help your world, your loved ones is to get happy — and stay happy.

In other words, do whatever it takes to feel good. If that means ignoring the news, do it. If that means refusing to get dragged down into your loved ones’ misery, do it. If that means avoiding negative people, do it. And so on. You get the picture.

The only way you are ever of any good to yourselves, to your loved ones, to your planet is to come from your centered place of peace and power. There is no other way.

When you can, for example, speak with struggling loved ones and not allow yourselves to get buried in their pain, you will do them the most good. Do whatever it takes to shift their focus from their pain to all that’s working well in their lives.

No matter how much has gone “wrong” in your or anyone else’s lives, there is far more right than “wrong,” far more good than “bad.”

You’ll never get where you want to go in this lifetime until you see your lives from your higher selves’ perspective.

Your higher selves see only the good you want for yourselves, your loved ones, your planet. They certainly can also see that you’re doing things the hard way, through pain and suffering. That’s one way to grow.

But you can also grow through joy, through refusing to accept anything but the best for yourselves, to look for the good always and in all ways.

When you are joyful, regardless of the chaos around you, you are aligned with your higher selves, with Source. Then everything else takes care of itself. It all flows easily and effortlessly.

You will realize — and we know this sounds so simple — all you have to do is be happy, feel good. When you are staying in your peaceful place of power, all good will flow to you. And good will flow to those whose lives you touch.

Alignment with your higher selves is the key — the only key — to helping others effectively. By following your hearts and knowing all is well, you will inspire and uplift others. You don’t even have to say or do anything. Just your presence, your energy will uplift them and help them to heal their lives.

That’s how powerful you are when you’re in alignment.

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