Are You on the Wrong Spiritual Path? by John Cali

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Has anyone ever criticized you or judged you simply because you’re on a spiritual path different from theirs? This happens to me occasionally with my family, and others too. I just ignore them and go on my happy way. How about you?

John Cali

The other day I was talking to Charlie, a close friend I’ve known most of my life. Somehow our conversation drifted to religion.

Charlie had gone through much turmoil and trauma in his personal and spiritual lives the past 15 years or so. Now that was all fading, and he was finding peace and joy in the traditional church he’d belonged to all his life, but against which he’d rebelled a few years ago.

Now he was back, and his life was becoming more and more joyful and peaceful every day. I congratulated him and remarked he’d clearly discovered (or re-discovered) his true spiritual path for this lifetime.

“And what about you, Johnny?” he asked. “Will you ever come back to the church we both grew up in? Our families and friends would sure like to see you return. Some of them think you’re headed straight for hell. Are you on the wrong spiritual path?”

I chuckled at that and then replied “No, and don’t go trying to convert me back. I ain’t coming!” We have a strong bond forged over all the years of our friendship. So we can talk to each other that way, and neither of us is going to be hurt or offended. Our bond of love transcends that.

“Charlie,” I said, “I’ve never been happier, healthier, or more at peace in this lifetime. I’m doing what I love. How can anyone say my spiritual path is wrong?”

So Charlie accepted that, albeit a bit grudgingly. But here’s the real bottom line for me:

If your spiritual path brings you happiness, health, and peace, then it is absolutely the best path for you. Not for everyone. But for you.

Here’s Spirit.


You would think people on a path they consider good and true would find it in their hearts to look kindly upon their sisters and brothers. Even if those sisters and brothers were following a different path. That would certainly be our idea of a better world.

This discussion John and Charlie had brings us back to a subject we’ve talked about so many times over the years — diversity.

You all live in a vast world of vast diversity. When you incarnated you knew the world was diverse, and you joyfully embraced the diversity. You joyfully embraced all your fellow humans, all your fellow creatures on the planet. You found it an exciting new adventure, and you immersed yourselves in the joy of it all.

But then you grew up.

By that time, the mass consciousness had probably convinced you the devil is in the diversity. If someone is different from you, there’s some evil in that.

We’re speaking here in slightly exaggerated terms. But we think you get our point.

Let us say it clearly and without qualification:

It’s all good! Period!

You all came to this planet of vast diversity on purpose. It was not by “accident.” It’s exactly what you wanted and needed at the time of your birth. You thought there might be a lot of fun playing in the diversity with your fellow humans.

That was your vision, your dream. But most of you have lost that vision, that dream. The little children remember. But you do not.

Friends, here’s our “bottom line,” to use John’s expression:

All paths lead home. You all have the right to choose your own paths. And you have the responsibility to allow others to choose their own paths.

Never is anyone on a wrong spiritual path. Never!

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