A reader asked us this question:
I understand, for the sake of polarity, all energy needs to be balanced. So why focus on “spreading the light?” Won’t that just increase the opposite? (That is, darkness.)


Balancing energy, “for the sake of polarity” is not the issue most of you face in this lifetime. The issue is diversity, specifically, accepting diversity.

You came to this lifetime to, among other things, experience diversity. From the diversity you see the many choices available to you. There are no “right” or “wrong” choices. There are only choices right or wrong for you.

You will never encounter a single, eternally unchanging set of rules, despite what your churches, governments, teachers, and parents have told you. The only unchanging reality is God, or whatever you choose to call that universal creative energy.

Forget about balance. You didn’t come here to balance anything. Instead, embrace diversity. That’s how you spread the light. And in spreading the light, you are not increasing darkness. You are banishing darkness.

In diversity, you will find joy. You came here to be joyful, to BE joy. If you measure your success  only by how much joy you have in your life, then you’ve got the idea.

Joy be with you.


In this short video, Deepak Chopra talks about diversity in his native India.

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How do you find balance in your life in a world of diverse cultures, people, and choices you need to make every day?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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