Balance by John Cali

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Last week I got a powerful, and painful, lesson in balance.

John Cali


Spirit and I wrote about this subject around six years ago. That article was also titled Balance.

Now, given last week’s events, it’s obviously time to revisit the subject.

First, a little background.

I’ve lived alone the past 17 years, and also for many years when I was a young adult. So it’s been very easy for me to pretty much spend my time the way I wanted. That mostly meant doing my work with Spirit.

I love this work, it’s fun and I have a deep passion for it. But last week’s events clearly brought home to me how unbalanced I was allowing my life to become. It was work, work, work all the time! Although my work is more play than work, there was little or no room for a personal life beyond work.

Sometimes it takes powerful (and painful) reminders of how far out of balance we’ve gotten to get life back into balance. At least it did for me.

Here’s Spirit.

Friends, we see how much of a challenge achieving balance is for many of you, particularly in your modern world. You do not have to look far beyond your immediate environment to see all the dramas and distractions out there. In fact, you may well find those distractions and dramas even in your immediate environment. And you often allow them to throw you off balance.

John does not have a big challenge with that, for he pays scant attention to your mainstream news media or to all the “bad” news you are inundated with, especially by your television. (In fact, we would say television is one of the most negative influences in your modern world.)

We applaud John for his position in refusing to focus on negativity. His primary challenge here was rather different.

To his credit, he’s begun to “clean up” the downward-spiraling path he was allowing himself to follow.

As he said, he worked virtually all the time because he loves what he does. But several of his most important relationships were beginning to suffer because he rarely had time for them.

He was definitely getting out of balance. His situation probably sounds familiar to at least some of you.

The odd thing about getting yourselves back into balance is that you have more time, not less, to enjoy and focus on all the aspects of your human lives.

What happens is you’ve literally expanded time by giving all areas of your lives, and all aspects of your being, the attention and focus they deserve.

This is a subject for another time but, as we just said, you literally expand what you call linear time by being in balance. You expand it by being aligned with your higher selves.

Your higher selves live beyond time and space, and are not limited by either. They have all the “time” in the universe. You will too when you are balanced and aligned. In fact, you’ll probably be amazed at how much “extra” time you will create for yourselves.

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