Why Do We Fail To See the Beauty All Around Us?

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Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~ Confucius


I live in what is arguably one of the most beautiful places on the planet—in Wyoming, just outside Yellowstone National Park. It’s a land filled with vast open spaces, big blue skies, majestic snowcapped mountains. And yet some days, I fail to see the beauty all around me—usually because I’m not paying attention.

There truly is beauty all around all of us, the world over, no matter where we live. But we have to pay attention.

It can be hard to notice the beauty of our planet, of other people, the animals, all of life in a world seemingly filled with senseless, insane tragedies and turmoil.

For example, the recent brutal murders in Portland, Oregon or the bloody mass killings in Manchester, England. Or the United States’ plan to abandon the Paris Climate Accord. Or the political upheaval in the United Kingdom and the United States. As I’m writing this, two new reports are coming out about two more mass shootings, one in San Francisco and another in Alexandria, Virginia. One of the victims is a United States congressman.

And on it goes, almost endlessly. How do we make sense out of a senseless world?


Long ago, Johnny heard a spiritual teacher talk about seeing the world through the eyes of Source (or God). That made no sense to him. How could humans see the world as God does?

The years passed and he came across what has become one of his favorite quotations, from A Course in Miracles:

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

Those words from A Course in Miracles did make sense to Johnny. Do they make sense to you? You cannot understand the words with your human mind. But you can feel the rightness of them in your heart.

Likewise, it makes no sense to many of you as you witness the string of seemingly senseless events playing out all over your planet. Quit trying to understand it all. Just know that it is as it should be.

We do not say that callously or cruelly. It will all play itself out under the watchful eye of the Creator. He sees it all for what it really is—a series of illusions you have all masterfully created. It’s all part of the game you came to play while in physical form. It will all pass—trust that.

Look instead at all the beauty around you—there is so much you miss by failing to look for it, failing to see what is right there before your physical eyes. All this beauty shall pass too, for it is also part of the illusion you have created.

None of any of this is real. As A Course in Miracles says, nothing unreal exists. And nothing real can be threatened.

Only love is real. You are all love incarnate. You are eternal. Nothing can harm you. Trust that—KNOW it in your heart. Then you will once again feel the peace of God. You will have returned Home.

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Here is a beautiful BBC video narrated by Sir David Attenborough. I guarantee it will make you feel far better about our world. We are blind to so much of our world’s beauty—and to the beauty of all life.


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8 Responses

  1. Jeannie

    a glistening rain drop, so beautiful, so itself
    a sunset shining across an ocean view
    a cat nestled down beside you as you both fall asleep
    a flower reaching out into the sun
    a blade of grass seeking light
    a man, a woman joined in love
    this is the beauty we miss when we see without feeling

    thank you for the beauty of this moment and the thoughts you led me to

    love and hugs

  2. Ron B.

    One more tip which could help. Love is a decision. When looked at from that point of view a lot of the garbage is out the back door. TY for giving us the opportunity to put our thoughts in print. It helps galvanize stuff. Cheers, Ron

    • John Cali

      Thanks again, Ron. I agree — love is a decision.

      Many years ago, the Marriage Encounter movement had as one of its guiding principles exactly what you said — “Love is a decision.” Also long ago, my spirit guides said, “Love is the choice to see the divinity in all beings.” As you say,that perspective gets rid of a lot garbage.

      I’m glad to provide whatever we can to help folks get clear on their thoughts. As with you, writing is a powerful tool for me to get clear on my thoughts.


  3. George

    Yes, dear John; love is real. So I do enjoy lots of beauty – in nature, among my friends like you, in music, and the list is endless. And it is the love that is real. I recall something like – the peace of God passes all understanding. My love to you, John. George

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, George. As you know, I am not religious, but I do love that Bible verse from Philippians 4:7—“…the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds…”

      Much love to you, my dear brother. And Happy Fathers’ Day!

  4. Ron B.

    The language as always is difficult to comprehend because we misundersatand too much the basics. I understand what the Course says and what many other sources say but it clearly is not an easy thing. The thing is we have those false beliefs at the root and they are mostly subconscious. After all they were taught to us by everyone a we grew from infanthood on. So I could explain more but I know that it is a waste of time. We have to discover, study, experiment with, investigate and eventually it starts to be very simple.
    On the subject of beauty, lately when I have been in a half asleep state the beauty I saw has been exagerated. The colors were brighter and they felt delicious and most important everything was positive. For example the experience of having a giant multicolored spider in front of me was enjoyable whereas some would have been spooked. All is very well indeed.

    • John Cali

      Thanks very much, Ron. It’s been said many times that the truths in A Course in Miracles often cannot be understood with our minds, but only with our hearts. As you say so well, as we keep on keeping on, it eventually starts to be very simple.

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