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A couple weeks ago, Berna and I visited some of her family. They have a 4-year-old son. The family had just returned from a vacation at one of the Dutch islands. To reach the islands from the Dutch mainland, they had to take a car ferry boat.

As the 4-year old was showing his toys to Berna, he said to her, “You were there too.” She told him she had not been on the boat with them. But, he countered, she had been there with them. He said it calmly and clearly. It was obvious he believed it.

Berna wondered, “Might it be possible that another aspect of me had appeared to him on the boat? Had I been living in two different places at the same time?”


Our answer to Berna’s two questions would be a definite YES!

So, you might ask, “Do you mean, Spirit, Berna was on that boat, and was in two different places at the same time?” Again, our answer is a definite YES!

How is this possible?

Being in two places at once (or “bilocation,” if you prefer) is more common than most people know.

It’s necessary first to understand something we’ve said many times over the years—you are not your body.

You have a body. But you are not that body. Your true identity is the spirit being, or soul, who has temporarily taken on a body.

While you are in that body you are no less a spirit. And the powers you possess as spirit are also available to you while you live in a body.

Among those powers is the ability to be in more than one place at a time.

Most of you have played this bilocation game many times. You do it in your dreams. You do it in your waking state. But you are not aware of it when you do it in your waking state, in physical form.

There’s nothing mysterious or magical about any of this. Just as the one you call Jesus was able to perform miracles while in his physical body, so too are all of you capable of the same.

The point we want to make here today is this: You are not the physical body you currently occupy. Your body is merely a tool you have chosen to navigate your physical reality.

You are all familiar with your natural ability to place your thoughts wherever you wish, whether it be a physical or non-physical place.

So too are you able to place your physical body in more than one place at a time. More often than not, however, you are not aware of it when you do this.

That is exactly what happened with Berna and her 4-year-old family member.

Our only point here today is to make you aware of this seemingly mysterious power you all have. Actually, there’s nothing mysterious about any of this.

Once you are fully aware of your power, you can use it to benefit yourself and others in seemingly miraculous, ways.

But there is nothing mysterious or miraculous about any of this. These powers are your natural birthright. We only wish to make you aware of these powers. That awareness will enable you to consciously use them for the greater good of others, and yourselves.

Your world will be in a far, far better place than you have ever known when you awaken to the power and grandeur you all are.

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Edited by Berna Copray

Most of the bilocation stories and incidents we are aware of happened in a religious context. But whether you are religious or not, the stories are powerfully compelling. This is one such story.

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