Bizarre by John Cali

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I recently talked to my brother Paul about some computer problems he’d been having this past month. So I volunteered to help him. I’m no technical guru, but I am pretty handy with the basic stuff.

John Cali

Last weekend I went over to Paul’s house. We sat down at his computer and I asked him to show me exactly what had been going wrong.

We sat there for more than half an hour trying to re-create the problems, one-by-one. Bizarre though it was, all the problems had totally vanished. Everything was working perfectly!

We were both amazed. Neither of us had any logical explanations.

Later that afternoon I asked Spirit what had happened.

Here’s what he said.


(NOTE: Spirit is speaking to me here, not to our readers in general as he normally does.)

You went over to Paul’s house with the clear intent you would be able to solve his computer issues. You even asked for help from Spirit to do this. Spirit came through, as your expression goes, “with flying colors.”

This was a very simple yet striking example of the power of intent. When you — any humans — intend clearly for something to happen, it does. It’s so simple. And that’s all there is to it. You clearly intend it and it happens. It must happen.

Your clear intent to manifest, to create, is all it takes to get what you want. The universe — God — responds to your asking, your intent. Mostly, the universe responds to your vibration. When your intent is clear your vibration is also clear — and high.

Then if you simply let go of it all — that is, you get out of the way — what you want can manifest so quickly and so powerfully. It may indeed seem “bizarre” to you, to use your word.

This is what happened when you and Paul sat down at his computer.

The combined intent of you both powerfully affected his computer. (Computers, by the way, are extremely sensitive to the energies of those humans physically near them.)

And so, in a very real sense, the computer “healed” itself.

The power of your intentions is far beyond what most of you believe it to be. But all you have to do is form the intention and then let it go. Let the universe take of the details. And it will — often swiftly and almost instantaneously.

That’s exactly what you did. It worked.

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