Bringing Joy to the World

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About Andre Rieu and the joy he brings to millions of people.

Berna and I are great fans of Andre Rieu, the legendary Dutch violinist and conductor. We’ve been to his live concerts in his hometown of Maastricht in the Netherlands. I have listened to his music for many years.

Andre’s purpose in life is simple: to bring joy to people with his music. There is no greater purpose in life for any of us than to bring joy, and love, into the lives of all our sisters and brothers. Andre is the grand master of that.


We have talked about Andre before, and his life’s mission of bringing joy and happiness to the world through his music.

You do not need us to remind you that your world, particularly today, goes out of its way to remind you, often painfully, of how little joy there is in your lives.  But is there really little or no joy to be had in the tired old world of yours?

We think not. There is joy all around you. You do not have to look far beyond your own doorstep.

But many humans, unfortunately, get stuck in what you might call life’s “dark side.” We are here to tell you life has no dark side.

You can, of course, choose to turn away from the light. Many of you do. That does not mean there is no light. You have simply chosen to ignore it. And so you see darkness. But the darkness is an illusion.

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In this riveting video, Andre and his Johann Strauss Orchestra play Amazing Grace.


4 Responses

  1. Hans

    Thank you so much, dear John, Berna And Spirit All day long I played all the concert of André Rieu I could find on Youtube. I got through many “stages”, from deepest sadness to unbelievable Joy. Along with that, I’m perhaps understanding where this sadness comes from, and, perhaps, I can let it go.
    With deepest Gratitude and Love.

    • Berna Copray

      Hi Hans, thank you for your comment! The way you describe your feelings while listening is a very good example of the effect Andre Rieu can have on people.
      I don’t think you really have to understand the sadness. When it comes up, feel the sadness, welcome and embrace it, give thanks for the event that caused it and then let go.
      Much love from John and me

  2. Jeannie

    “Joy is in the ear that hears and not in the voice that speaks”- Stephen R Donaldson
    that quote is from his books and I have always loved it.
    If we stop and just relax and listen there is so much love and joy. I feed stray cats and just watching them is a joy. The birds and squirrels make me laugh as do of course the cats.

    Teddy, the new addition to my home is a joy though Ruby is not so impressed Teddy is almost a year and she has settled down into her personality.

    Glad to have you back with us
    love and hugs

    • Berna Copray

      Hi Jeannie, that is indeed a nice quote you mentioned! Yes, we have to stop our minds, get quiet and open ourselves to all the beauty and joy that is all around us.
      Your cats are very lucky with you!

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