Can Healing Your Physical Body Be Easy? by John Cali

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John Cali

Many years ago I had a personal experience of how quickly our bodies can heal. Here’s a slightly edited excerpt from an article I wrote about that experience.

“One night last month I was baking my dinner in the oven. When it was done I carefully removed the hot pan and placed it on the stove top. A moment later, without thinking, I picked up the pan with a bare hand. A searing pain surged through my hand and up my arm. I dropped the pan, staring in disbelief at the huge red burn marks in the palm of my hand.

“My hand was throbbing. I placed my other hand on the burned one and visualized healing energies pouring into it for a few moments. My burned hand still hurt, but the pain had subsided, though the burn marks looked dreadful.

“The next morning I’d forgotten all about the incident. My hand didn’t hurt any more. So I wasn’t even thinking about it. Later that day, remembering the burn, I looked at my hand. It was perfectly normal. The burn marks had vanished and there was no pain or discomfort whatsoever. A serious burn had completely healed in less than 24 hours.

“Then I realized the old axiom, ‘Time heals all wounds,’ was not necessarily true. It’s not time that heals us. It’s our belief and our own inner resources that do the healing.

“Our beliefs can heal us in an instant. Or in a few hours. Or they can take years. Or they may never heal us, in this lifetime at least. It all depends on the beliefs we hold. Time has nothing to do with it.”

Spirit has talked about healing many times. Among the things they’ve said are these:

  • Time is totally irrelevant when it comes to healing.
  • The real key to total healing is always within us.
  • Our most powerful — and only — healer is within.
  • All healing — no exceptions — is always self-healing.

We talked about Dr. Eric Pearl in this week’s email reminder. He’s been able to accomplish remarkable healings with his patients, often instantaneously.

Here’s Spirit.


We know many humans believe healing, physical or any other kind, takes time. Certainly that old axiom John mentioned about time as a healer does seem to be true. But, as he also said, time is not the healer. It’s simply the medium, if you will, through which you experience the healing.

You are your own best and most powerful healer. All the other “stuff” — drugs, surgery, medical doctors, non-traditional healers, all the methods and techniques — are only the catalysts. Nothing more. They stimulate that healer within. If they do not succeed in stimulating that healer within, they “fail.”

Your belief has something to do with all this. You’ve all heard stories of people being “miraculously” healed through the power of their belief they would be healed.

But that’s only a part of the explanation. There is far more to it than that.

As we have said many times over the years, the real healer for all of you is within you. If that healer is, for whatever reason, not working, you will not be healed.

So whatever can stimulate that inner healer will appear to heal you. But, again, it is only your inner healer that does the real healing.

The most powerful healers in your human history — Jesus, Harry EdwardsEdgar Cayce, the Divine Love healers, and many others, are successful because they know how to invoke the powers of the inner healer. That is the “secret” of their success. It is not magic. It is not a miracle. It is not anything beyond the natural healing power you all possess.

Your bodies’ natural state is that of perfect health, perfect balance, perfect well-being. If left to their own resources, and if you stayed out of their way, your bodies would heal themselves. And often instantaneously. There is no so-called terminal disease from which your bodies cannot be completely and permanently healed.

When you allow your physical bodies their natural state — which is to be connected to spirit, to your souls — they will be healed, they will be healthy. The real power of the healers we’ve talked about — and also Dr. Eric Pearl — is they have the ability to reconnect people with their own spirits.

Healing your physical bodies really can be easy.

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