Creating Your Own Joyful Reality, Part 4 & Conclusion by John Cali

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John Cali

This will conclude our series on creating your own joyful reality. Finally!

As you probably remember, last week Spirit responded to one of our reader’s comments on his article from the previous week. He dealt with the first part of her comments last week, and this week he handles the last part.

Spirit’s original comments

It’s really an “either-or” situation. You are a creator or you’re not. Or, more accurately, you’re always a creator. The “either-or” part is you either create deliberately or you create by default. By “default” we mean by failing to consciously, deliberately choose what to focus your thoughts on, thereby creating only what you want.

Reader’s response

A little confused on this one too. I can see that by not “being conscious” we avail ourselves to whatever comes along. Is that what is meant?

Spirit’s response

Yes, that is part of what we meant. But there is more.

You chose, all of you, to incarnate into a world of vast diversity. A world where you have an infinite array of choices you can make. Let’s use a simple example.

You’ve just gotten a divorce, let’s say. It was a choice you and your mate freely made because you both felt it was the right one. Now, you have two good friends, one who approves of your choice, and one who does not.

Which friend will you give most of your attention to? The one who supports you or the one who does not?

Every day of your life, even every moment, you’re faced with choices. What do you want to pay attention to? Illness or health? Poverty or abundance? Good relationships or bad ones?

You get to choose every day, every moment where to put your focus. And where you predominantly put your focus, it is there you will find your manifestations.

All we are asking you is to BE AWARE. To be aware of how creation works. Of how you create with your thoughts. Wherever your predominant thoughts are, there too you will find your predominant manifestations.

Spirit’s original comments

What it all comes down to is this: you define exactly what you want in your life and then think ONLY about that. Or, if you don’t do that, then the world will define your life for you.

Reader’s response

One last (comment): if the world defines for us, how is that possible? How can I explain? If I do not consciously choose, is that deliberate or just unenlightened? Many people don’t realize they have choices.

As to abuse and issues of violence and etc., how does the “create your own reality” play into that? Who would deliberately seek to be abused? I just have a semantic problem, I guess. Whenever I hear “you did it to yourself,” it almost sounds like no one else has any responsibility in it anywhere.

Does not the abuser have responsibility for what he/she did? Why does the “victim” always have to be re-victimized?

Spirit’s response

There is a subtle difference here. When you “do not consciously choose,” to use your words, that’s very different from when you consciously do not choose.

With many humans, the first applies–they do not consciously choose because they are not even aware they have choices. These are the people you might describe as having a “victim mentality.”

On the other hand, it is very different if you are aware you have choices, but consciously choose not to choose. That, obviously, is also a choice.

No matter which of these two paths you are on, you are not likely to be leading a satisfactory life you find happy and fulfilling.

But there is a third path. And that is to be aware you have choices and to make only the choices that feel good to you. That is the path to joy and peace in your world.

This entire issue of abuser and victim is much misunderstood. However, nothing we say here is intended to condone or justify violence or abuse. We are seeking only to help you understand the underlying dynamics of the relationships between so-called abusers and victims.

Lest we drag this on too long for today, let us simply say this: You all knew, before you incarnated, the exact circumstances, parents, country, environment, etc. you were coming into. Within that mix you knew you would have infinite possibilities, infinite choices. Even in what, from a human standpoint, would be the most horrendous circumstances, you still have choices.

And even in the most horrendous human circumstances you can always find joy. Your movie, “Life Is Beautiful,” is a shining example of how this is possible.

You cannot ever fully know the joy or the sorrow another feels. You can only know the potential for joy is always present in every human experience.

We shall perhaps pursue this subject further another time. But enough for today.

We will leave you with these final thoughts:

You do create your own realities. And you always have choices. Why not choose only what brings you joy?

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