Depression by John Cali

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Our recent newsletter articles, including “Should Healing Be Easy?” from last week, have brought feedback from both ends of the spectrum. Some folks resonate with the messages while others are turned off. I suspect this week’s article will be another of those.

John Cali

I recently read a short article by Andrew Weil, M.D. on depression. Dr. Weil said “Depression is rampant. The World Health Organization estimates that major depressive disorders will become the second largest cause of disability worldwide by 2020, exceeded only by heart disease.”

There are more than a few of my family and friends who experience at least occasional depression, and some are almost constantly depressed. Although I never get depressed now, I often did when I was much younger. So I understand, with the greatest compassion and love, how debilitating and scary it can be.

Here’s Spirit.


You live in a world today which can be “debilitating and scary,” to use John’s words.

We know the causes of depression could be — have already been — debated endlessly. Some of your medical people attribute it to what they call “chemical imbalance.” More about that in a few moments.

Friends, your higher selves — as we’ve said many times over the years — exist eternally in a state of bliss, ecstasy, and joy. You — in your human bodies and lifetimes — are simply physical extensions of that non-physical part of your total, greater being.

You often perceive a separation, even an impossibly huge chasm, between you, the human and you, the spirit.

But that a gulf, that chasm is not real. It’s an illusion — something that seems real (to your human mind), but is not. The illusion will pass, as all illusions must.

In your perception of your human selves as separate and distant from God or Goddess (that is, your higher selves), you create the perfect scenario and conditions for what you call depression.

We would ask you shift your perspective slightly here. What is depression? In physical terms, one definition would be a vacuum. For example, a hole in the ground. The hole is a “depression.” So too, when you are feeling depressed, there is a hole in your human being-ness.

But just as a hole in the ground can be easily filled and made “whole,” so too can that hole in your human being-ness be made whole.

You all have the power to consciously tune into your higher selves. You can do this in any way that feels good and right for you. Meditation is certainly one powerful way to do it.

By whatever way you do it, when you are tuned into your higher selves, tuned into God, you will find your depression being filled and made whole.

Depression — the “hole-ness” — is not who you are. Wholeness is.

So the “chemical imbalance” we spoke of earlier is only your body’s reaction to your disconnection from (or, more accurately, your misalignment with) who you truly are.

It’s a “chicken-and-egg” thing. The depression is not the result of the chemical imbalance. Certainly the chemical imbalance almost always exists when there is depression. But the chemical imbalance is the inevitable consequence of your disconnection. Your disconnection is the cause of your depression.

While we have the greatest compassion, as does John, for those of you experiencing depression, we also want to remind you of this “fact of life” — you, every one of you — are all-wise and all-powerful. That’s how we see you. That’s how your higher selves see you. That’s how God sees you.

When you see yourselves through our eyes you will move out of your depression. It will be impossible for you to be depressed, no matter what is going on in the world around you. And that includes a medical diagnosis of chemical imbalance.

All is well, friends. We know that. Your higher selves know that. God knows that.


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