A Course in Miracles tells us “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”

My spirit guides say what we call miracles are commonplace, nothing extraordinary. In fact, they are the most ordinary of events. But unless they find their way into the news media, they go largely unnoticed. And yet they happen every day of our lives.

I’m a volunteer at a healing service every Sunday (non-denominational and not in a church). Each Sunday we generally have several people with various challenges, ranging from so-called “terminal” cancer to something relatively minor such as numbness in the feet. We also get folks with mental and emotional problems. For example, drug or alcohol addiction, marriage problems, etc.

A while ago a man came for healing of a fair-sized tumor on his arm. The healing procedures generally take a short time, often only 3 to 4 minutes During this man’s healing procedure he watched the tumor literally shrinking right before his eyes.

Not all healings happen that fast, but many do.

We often hear of such “miraculous” healings. Are the really real? Are they truly miracles? Or are they, as Spirit says, just the most ordinary of events? I guess if you’ve experienced one, they can seem a bit more than “ordinary.”

Do you believe in miracles? Have you had any in your life? Please give us your thoughts below.

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