Do You Believe in Miracles? by John Cali

A Course in Miracles tells us “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.”

My spirit guides say what we call miracles are commonplace, nothing extraordinary. In fact, they are the most ordinary of events. But unless they find their way into the news media, they go largely unnoticed. And yet they happen every day of our lives.

I’m a volunteer at a healing service every Sunday (non-denominational and not in a church). Each Sunday we generally have several people with various challenges, ranging from so-called “terminal” cancer to something relatively minor such as numbness in the feet. We also get folks with mental and emotional problems. For example, drug or alcohol addiction, marriage problems, etc.

A while ago a man came for healing of a fair-sized tumor on his arm. The healing procedures generally take a short time, often only 3 to 4 minutes During this man’s healing procedure he watched the tumor literally shrinking right before his eyes.

Not all healings happen that fast, but many do.

We often hear of such “miraculous” healings. Are the really real? Are they truly miracles? Or are they, as Spirit says, just the most ordinary of events? I guess if you’ve experienced one, they can seem a bit more than “ordinary.”

Do you believe in miracles? Have you had any in your life? Please give us your thoughts below.

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  1. John Cali

    Thank you very much, Shirl, for your wise observations. I agree — others see things through their own perspective. But I love YOUR perspective. May we all adopt it!


  2. Shirl

    Miracles. Well, that is a terrific subject for me. I have seen miracles of all shapes, sizes and dimensions all of my life. My family was full of miracle "stories" all my growing up years. . .and what a wonderful gift to me those stories were and are.

    Since I have been immersed in a life brimming full of miracles all of these years I have certainly accepted them and further I see them in what some would call the smallest things all through to the most dramatic and phenomenal things.

    For me, one miracle that is very hard to top is the one where a tiny seed is put into the earth and one day miraculously a tender shoot of a plant pokes its way through the soil and out in the open space to become. . .a flower, a tree, a bush, a shrub, a vegetable. . .blows me away every time I see it.

    I have had very personal miracles of healing, of gifts and helps in my life so many times that I started keeping a notebook of them so I would never forget how blessed I am and how grateful I am.

    I see miracles everyday, everywhere I look. That is my perspective and that is my expectation of life. I am never disappointed. I know if I look for miracles I will see them.

    So you can see why I say I am the Most Blessed Being in the Universe. (and I did absolutely nothing to be deserving of such a magnitude of blessings but BE who it is I AM BEcoming.

    Just my view of things. Others see things through their own perspective. All is in Divine order.

    Hugs to all

  3. John Cali

    Thank you very much, Chieko. I will leave that blog post up, for now at least. But I agree with you completely — this is not the appropriate place for that kind of posting.


  4. Anonymous

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    I respect your own desire for abundance and I know you deserve it. But let's find a better way to attract it (e.g.) through your own blog etc.

    I appreciate your understanding. I believe you are also a big fan of John and his Spirit. Don't we all love our dear John and Spirit? (Everyone: Yes!)

    No one is against anything. Just a thought…

    Yours sincerely,

  5. Majid Ali

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  6. Anonymous

    All Healing and or so-called miracles happen through a shift in vibrational energy on the part of the individual…healing comes from within.

  7. John Cali

    Sorry about that, Chris. I just realized, thanks to you, "Anonymous" isn't a public name someone has chose to use, but a profile for commenting on this blog. Sorry for that!

    The healing procedure I was talking about is known as "Divine Love Healing." I came across it a year or so ago. Since I've been interested in alternative healing methods for years, I've investigated a number of them. This particular one, for some reason or other, really appealed to me. Which is why I became a volunteer.

    The organization is called the World Service Institute, headed by Bob Fritchie — a wonderful healer and human being. Bob's been doing this work over 30 years now.

    Here's the organization's home page:

    Hope that helps.


  8. Anonymous

    Hei John,

    The anonymous person who asked about healing procedures wasn't me and I don't see anybody else here named Chris, so I think You thought that anonymous person was Me,
    but this subject is very interesting and if You are willing to share this info I'd like to learn about that too.



  9. John Cali

    Hi Chris,

    As you said, we are indeed angels in human form. Chief Joseph and my other spirit guides have been saying for years we are also God/Goddess in human form. They're really the same thing.

    As you pointed out very clearly, when we remember that, fear vanishes.

    But that does not have to be a temporary thing. Sure, it may come and go, as it did with you. But if you keep doing whatever works for you — in other words, what brings you joy — then you can stay in that place of fearlessness longer and longer. Eventually it becomes your permanent place of being.


  10. Anonymous

    My Miracle happend when I was watching movies about angels. I thought about angels alot.
    How great it would be if I could talk to them like I talk to my physical friends etc.
    One day I got an idea something like: I'am angel myself, I'am divine, I felt like I remember something. I didn't tried to figure out what it was, I just enjoyed it. I felt so good. All phobias and fears were gone.
    Everything went good, I felt good…I think it lasted 2 weeks and then I was back where I usually have been. All phobias and fears were back.
    It happend 2 years ago and I remember less and less about it but I know it felt good.
    It wasn't the usual Me.


  11. John Cali

    Hi Kathelena,

    Thanks very much for your wise observations. I agree that our human minds cannot always make sense of our experiences.

    For me, that's where faith (or trust) comes in. We don't have to have logical explanations for everything. In letting go of that perceived need, I find life becomes a lot more fun and joyful.


  12. Kathelena

    Fun question about miracles John, thanks for providing this space to discuss it!

    From your last post, if we believe that we create our personal reality, and by extension co-create our combined reality, then everything we create is a "miracle" .. even the stuff we don't want! From that standpoint I'd agree with your messages from Spirit that say that miracles are really commonplace events.

    I guess the things we humans call miracles are when our rational mind can't make sense of something wonderful that our physical eyes cannot deny. By that definition I do believe in miracles, since my rational mind is getting messed with all the time. heh. 🙂

    Personally I hope we continue to see events as "miracles" because it causes us to be in awe, and often causes us to pause and appreciate. Always a good thing! But I also hope we continue to expand our understanding such that we can accept that we are powerful creators in our own right, and focus that power into creating more of what we *want* to see, rather than automatically (unconsciously or unawaredly (is that a word? :p)) creating what we don't want.

    By all counts though, this is a fantastic time to be alive. I'm honored to be able to share that experience with all of y'all!

  13. Anonymous

    I´d love to find out more about the healing procedures you referenced! What is happening in those 3-4 minutes? How does it work? Thank you!

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