Follow Your Heart by John Cali

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How many times has someone told you to follow your heart? When I was younger I would get that advice often. But I didn’t always heed it.

Here’s Spirit.

How often do you seek advice or guidance from others when you know perfectly well the best path for you to follow?

We see nothing wrong with seeking help from others when you need it. After all, you’re all in this together, as you say. You live in your small and large communities. Your entire planet has become a global community.

There is much wisdom to be gathered from the members of those communities. Your modern technology makes that quick and easy.

But we see a problem with what you might call an information glut.

There is so much available and some of it — a lot of it — is often conflicting and contradictory.

A good example of that is the community of your medical professionals.

Most of you are familiar with the phrase “second opinion.” Generally that means when you go to a doctor for help with a physical problem or imbalance, you’re sometimes advised to also get another doctor’s opinion.

Nothing wrong with that — though sometimes the two do not agree.

You can apply that to virtually any other aspect of your lives — legal advice, for example. Or even spiritual advice.

Again you’ll occasionally get conflicting or even contradictory advice. What do you do then?

We realize not all of you are doctors or lawyers or spiritual counselors. And so you trust the experts.

But there is one expert you need to trust above all others — your heart. Your inner guidance, your gut feelings, your messages from your higher selves or souls.

How often do you put those above your outside guidance? Especially if there is a conflict?

We know some disagree with us on this. But we say always trust your inner guidance above all outer guidance.

You will never go astray when you follow your heart.


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